The Timeless Collection

January 11, 2008


88 Responses to “The Timeless Collection”

  1. Selena.aka.miselo Says:

    amazing love it for sure:)

  2. Lotte Says:

    I would buy them for 20$ each!

  3. Olivia aka Puccapo Says:

    I love them! i will buy them when they get out! 😀

  4. I think these are amazing.
    to see a review on these fashions.

  5. HRF.Magazine Says:

    Love it. It would be brilliant if they opend a shop full of your own clothes!

  6. Ciiiiiinderella Says:

    The 3 outfits is just so unique and amazing.
    I hope that Stardoll will put them in the shop.

    Great done, you’re so good at your job 🙂

  7. 3rincool Says:

    I absolutely love all of these designs. They are perfect and so classic. Hopefully they will be in the shop ASAP.

  8. anahifan Says:

    wow i really like it how do u make the outfits so gorgous i relaly wnat the skirt and dress!=]

  9. rusty57 Says:

    Is that really the kind of stuff you wear to school and stuff? Not trying to be insulting, it’s cute, just not my personal style:)

  10. rusty57 Says:

    How do u do that?!!! And how is stardoll gonna know about it??? I think it’s so cool you can do that on the computer!!

  11. ggggggggg Says:

    i love this sooo much & would buy it on stardoll and in real life!
    hope to see it in the starplaza soon

  12. zoey437 Says:

    I love them! When do they get out?

  13. Amyizzle Says:

    that is sooooooooooooooo cool! stardoll HAS GOT to have them on sale! though they will probably be only 4 superstars.

  14. Eleanor Says:

    Gorgeous! Love the second dress!

  15. Ducklovr101 Says:

    You should be a designer!

  16. ahepburn Says:

    Stardoll should defintely check these out and put them on sale for everybod not just superstars!!

  17. fashiongirl6 Says:

    I think the outfits are very elegant and really stylish. I can’t wait to buy these outfits in the starplaza. Thanks for creating these fashionable outfits!

  18. It is really fashionable and stylish,
    I really like it,STARDOLL should put it in Starplaza.
    Hey and Couldn´t Stardoll put here that amazing hair too?

  19. lovegirliestar Says:

    Love it! Stardoll should definately put it in the shop.

  20. delicious_life Says:

    i love it!

    i want to buy this, i can pay a lot

  21. _dior_ Says:

    I love it! But is there only 3 outfits?

  22. Horse729 Says:

    i hope it doesn’t cost 2 much cuz i am def buyin the 2nd outfit!i luv the model!(who is she?)all of the outfits suggest style and elegance. did u guys know that ALL of style_magazine’s stardoll clothes r black n’ white? it is true!

  23. Damaris Says:


  24. Lilcutiehannahx Says:


  25. Wow, terrific! Good job! It would be sooo cool if Stardoll put them in the store! It would also be awesome if you got your own store =D


  26. xcouturex95 Says:

    wow u made those clothes? thats ahmazing! it reminds me of last years CHANEL collection! i hope it makes it in to the stardoll shops!

  27. Wow what a great collection. I would love to see these in REAL stores in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES. Maybe you should go on Project.Runway!!

    That’d be a great boost for your career!
    Lotsa love, Dancergrl10177 from (Please add me and join my club!! THANKS)

  28. butterflyangel4 Says:

    wow good job i would definitely buy them keep making more

  29. So...Inmagic Says:

    Ahh. I really really like that. :]
    Especially two first outfits.
    Very very great!

  30. britt4875 Says:

    omg i love your new Timeless Collection. its soo cute.!

  31. britt4875 Says:

    it would also be kool if u got them in the starplaza also in your own store that would be sooo kool!

  32. Purplegirl Says:

    how did you make them?

  33. VaniLLa aka Lipgloss.Lady Says:

    OMG! i love it… how did you do that?? see, i want to become a fashion designer…

  34. Lise or on stardoll Lise_95 Says:

    Cute, ask Stardoll to make clothes of they 🙂

    Love Lise/Lise_95

  35. Megzterx Says:

    wow greaat job! i hope stardoll sells them!!

  36. MissFashion.x Says:

    Very glamorous. 🙂

  37. Sydjade Says:

    Wow how did you get that or should I say make that and also if you would like, could i interview you for my magazine. the magazine website is called check it out

  38. Lily Says:

    I think they look wonderful, stardoll would be stupid not to publish them. I love the detailing under the dress.

  39. cali_beauty Says:

    I mostly like the 2nd outfit justt he dress with that unqiue belt GORGUS GIRL!

  40. Jordan A.K.A JoRdAn-x3 Says:

    LOVE iT. iTS TO DiE FOR!! 😀

  41. Angelica Says:

    I love each and everyone of your pieces, I can believe Stardoll won’t sell them, They would be such a hit!

  42. modelisous Says:

    I can totally see you as Vogue Editor someday, love these designs – so classic! Stardoll has got to put these in the shop.

  43. fork97 Kristen Says:

    I LOVE

  44. x0XoxoX0aeropostalex0XoxoX0 Says:

    The outfits are very qritique and very high fashionable in some way that stands out to me like a big WOW! I my cousin has her own agency on stardoll 2 check it out AtelierModels. We have brand new jobs opening up!


  45. Syd the Dancer Says:

    Oh my gosh. You are an incredible designer. One day, you are going to be famous, and Stardoll will have wished the helped you get there. Good Luck in a future career!

  46. elinmariak Says:

    omg this collecton is awesome we will wourk together and get it out this is so grate grate job and good luck i will help you my name on stardoll is elinmariak

  47. Anna Says:

    Wow, they are really classic and unique designs. I’m suprised that Stardoll hasn’t decided to sell them. They are simply extraordinary.

  48. xxdrivebylove Says:

    beautiful, I would wear them in a heartbeat.

  49. .IHeartFashion. Says:

    Wow, you have real talent! Which program do you make these on? How are your master pieces created?

  50. vogue.mag...x Says:


  51. Mizz.Dior Says:

    I absolutly love them. The first and the second ”outfit” kind of look alike. If you made them more different then it would have been PERFECT! I didnt know you wanted to be a fashion designer. It suits you.. Good luck with your collection.

    Lots of love. =D

  52. Miss-Lain Says:

    Oh I love it!
    It’s so classic!
    I would pay over 20 for that second dress and the first top!

  53. Lily Says:

    I heard about Stardoll.
    It’s there loss really.

  54. fakeshake3 Says:

    You were robbed sweetheart. These designs are a thousand times better than Stardolls deigns of late..x.

  55. kim Says:

    yeah that sux

  56. kim Says:

    not the cloths that they wont have them and if they do there b 4 s.s

  57. Star_Awards Says:

    It is great. I mean, it would sale. She has style and howd u get dat hair?

  58. Star_Awards Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha , i would wear it!

  59. spicychick04 Says:

    dude? why rn’t they selling them? want 2 be a model? check out my stardoll presentation for more info!

  60. doodlebugmg(on stardoll) Says:

    i love this page

  61. Scarletti Says:

    I love you designs. Its really cool how you’ve created them yourself to look just like the stardoll dolls.

  62. petitcococherie Says:

    I completly love the timeless collection.
    Unique style & a grand creativity.
    Love style_magazine

  63. High.Fashion Says:

    Fabulous. I love every item. Sorry that it was not sold in the StarPlaza.

  64. emma holloway Says:

    They are really beautiful designs. You definately have a talent. It’s a shame stardoll didn’t want to use any of them.

  65. fcmagazine Says:

    How do u make them!!!???

  66. Star_Awards Says:

    its some booty! really

  67. clea807 Says:

    Love it!

  68. PiNK* Says:

    I simply adore the timeless collection. You are a genius knowing that everyone has a bit of classy in them and that classy is the new black. Keep em coming!

  69. xxcookiegirlxx Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous collection, very glamorous, and very you. I think it really should be sold in the StarPlaza, so I can buy it. I love it!

  70. Couture.Abi Says:

    I love the collection, Femme Fatale if I ever saw it. They really ought to sell the collection, in fact they should open up a section of the StarPlaza,called the Timeless Collectiopn withh only your designs in them. I really do hope that they do sell them.

  71. Couture.Abi Says:

    You really do have a talent Style, make sure you keep designing, don’t let Stardoll put you down.

  72. Julia100294 Says:

    the collection is so cooll… schould be in starplaza…i want it…. =P

  73. Guaggi Says:

    You Are Just So Talented, Gorgeous.

  74. mechteld2 Says:

    When does this come to stardoll?
    It is gorgious!

  75. MORTYMORT Says:

    I want to buy all the clothes, I´m totally in love!!! I can´t wait!!

    When does this come to stardoll? When? When? When?


  76. Britt Says:

    MAKE MORE!!!!!!
    I LOVE THEM!!!!
    I wish that star
    doll wasn’t so s
    tubborn && wou
    ld sell these clo

  77. Love your site!!!!!
    How do you get them so awesome!
    PLEASE go to my account on stardoll
    (Jenniferttkp)-my superstar account,on stardolls!
    (Jennifer)-My name
    and go to

  78. LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!
    How do you get them so awesome?PLEASE go on my stardoll account (Jenniferttkp)-My superstar account
    (Jennifer)-my real name
    and go to

  79. Molly Says:

    Omg, i would buy them! Well Done!

  80. Gossip Girl Says:

    Love the collection, let me know if they hit the Sax & Bendles

    xoxo, Gossip Girl

  81. topshopaholic Says:

    Cute, But I’m Not Totally Keen On The Shoes… Or The Swimsuit. But The Dress Is Hot:)
    You’re Really Talented Though, Keep It Up. x

  82. little_willow Says:

    Am I the only one here who doesn’t like these clothes at all?

  83. DKNY_4_EVER Says:

    Nice,but a bit slutty

  84. DKNY_4_EVER Says:

    Nice but me and my friend agree that its a bit slutty.

  85. Ashley Hubbell Says:

    Hello hello teasies is better betch

  86. Mododistile (add me fashionettas! :D) Says:

    I like it…but its personally not something I would wear…but if they brought it out, I might buy it!

    Buh bye!

  87. hhei... Says:

    I love the first one.
    I really didn’t like the swimsuit very much, but it’s okay.
    I also love the 2nd, but the first one is my favorite.

  88. I love it.
    Pity stardoll didn’t put them in the shop.
    They would have sold fast!
    I’m sure they would have been in the most popular section!
    Very amazing!

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