Pioneer Days

January 26, 2009


Approximately two years ago, I published my very first issue of Style Magazine. Even I can not believe that so much time has passed, and – the fact that I have stayed on this website for so long is still a puzzle to both me and to some of you. Looking back on the time working on my first issue in the chilly days of January, an image is brought to my mind by the split of a second.


Just to let the ones that came along with me on this journey later on, my first issues were not at all as the present ones – but, do not get me wrong they were equally as spectacular. You know, at the time a text-only magazine was considered revolutionary… Not to forget the Album-saved looks of the month. And, I do in a way consider myself a pioneer when it comes to this niche field – because, there are only a little more than twenty million users on Stardoll. But, I guess that it was my decision to do all of this – and, I do not regret the time that I have invested in my magazine. Of course, I know that I do not get a salary out of it nor I deserve it – but, that was the one of the ideas behind this magazine.


Style Magazine is still intended to entertain, educate, and guide many of you in terms of fashion and style – not just on Stardoll, you can translate the looks that we present in real life as well. I am glad that you still visit the page and read through previous issues, even though – I have not updated it with a new issue in quite a while.

So, while approving your comments – I have come to the fact that you all love the images presented in Style Magazine. Based on that fact, I decided to take a snapshot of the contents in one of the folders of my ‘Style Magazine’ group of folders with my digital camera – my version of ‘The Book’. As you can see that is the folder where I have put all of the final pictures of the issue that will always be special to me, The February Issue – the one that has definitely set its mark when it comes to the evolution of Stardoll-based magazines. It is not that glamorous as you can see and yet that statement is kind of ironic due to its theme – The Glamour Issue.

I am glad that I have contributed to the community and I still hope that I would be able to continue to do that, in one way or another. It may be difficult for some of you to understand that I have not parted ways with my magazine, but – I hope that you can understand that I am only postponing the release of new issues due to my education. I am sorry, if you do not like the idea of not having Style Magazine for couple of months – but, I have other priorities in mind. As I have said numerous times, this is not the end for Style Magazine – because, I still have a lot to say when it comes to fashion and I actually enjoy doing this in my spare time. Meanwhile, I plan to keep up with all of you by means of posting something like this – weekly, if I have the time (I hope!).


16 Responses to “Pioneer Days”

  1. Ella Says:

    I love Style Magazine, and you know that. This is Living-for-ever. I’ve been reading it from the start, and I remember the text-writing, instead of the graphics it is today. You have come a long way and i can safely say – you and your magazine are amazing, and i am so glad you are more open about yourself now (:

  2. lollypop301 Says:

    This Is Great,
    I Really Enjoyed It,
    It Shows The Inner You!

  3. rali4ka94 Says:

    It’s good that you posted a little more personal. I really appreciate your work. You started as a ‘pioneer’, and now your magazine is the most popular magazine in the whole Stardoll. In fact that it’s better even than Stardoll Magazine.
    Keep your job.

  4. Fashion.Fantasy Says:

    its cool that you posted a little more personal. I really cant wait for the next post..

  5. AthenaDuffFan Says:

    This post was fantastic, I absolutely enjoyed it! You really do have writing skills!

  6. Fakeshake3 Says:

    I love it! Very fresh and new. I love how you have kept us exited and intresed over the two years.

  7. Maliin. Says:

    I really like it. I think i still can remember when i first read u’r first issue, it feels kinda cool. hah ;D
    cant wait for the Glam issue.

    xx Maliin.

  8. um, i read this from the start too xD
    but tbh, i’ve come along way from then
    too, ive changed so much. i just remember
    enjoying style magazine and trying to always
    be there for launching parties and such. i used
    to want to be an elite so bad. but now im me,
    and im happy with being so. but i still like the
    magazine a lot. 🙂 its nice to know you’re
    really a human being deep down, not some
    stuck up person, i really think people will
    enjoy this as much as i did;]

  9. Anon Says:

    I have a question!
    Here it is: Are you Model-Selena and/or Sudanese.Beauty?

  10. marywalkerson Says:

    Ha, you have same super-duper simple Windows XP as I do lol 😀
    And same “Book” system…

    Don’t you sometimes have a trouble with the number of folders where you save files? Cause I am sick of finding what I could just done haha 😀

  11. horse729 Says:

    From reading this, Top Spot Topics, and your guestbook replies, you really have changed a lot from the person you were [[in a good way]].
    Like Ruth said, I used to want to be an elite really bad, just so I could talk to you, and see what was going on in your head. Now, it’s not being an actual elite, but more talking to them and figuring them out, mostly finding out who is nice. I still look up to you, even if in real life you are some friendless loser or a homicidal maniac, because on Stardoll, nobody needs to know.

  12. Sophia Says:

    Brilliant Post!

  13. Mia Says:

    I really liked it, more personal.

  14. Sam Says:

    well that was a load of rubbish,
    all you saying it was a brilliant post,
    what are you looking at?!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    It’s brave and admirable of you to post something like this. The amount of exposure you’ve had whilst being a member of stardoll has been, to say the least, extensive. And you are well aware of the criticism you’ve faced by various jealous and jouvenile members consumed with envy that they cannot do what you do.
    I just wanted to voice my opinion, and say although it musn’t always feel like it, the work you put into your magazine and stardoll generally is very much appreciated, and dearly missed.
    I wish you all the luck in the world with your studies.

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