You’re The Inspiration

February 2, 2009

It is no secret that I have often referenced the ultimate source for the latest in fashion, the “little-known” monthly magazine that goes by the name Vogue – in my very own little magazine dedicated to Stardoll (in hopes of beyond!). Even now, I can recall my first encounter with the glossy pages filled with peculiar names of fashion designers. At the time, I must have sounded like Nomi Malone in Showgirls and the quote about a mini dress that has stayed embedded in my memory for quite a while now – “It’s a Ver-sayce”.

I do not feel ashamed by the fact that once I did not know the pronunciation of all of the names of the designers featured in Vogue, and – if some of you were not so judgmental towards me (again, I do not seek pity in any form or size), you would see that that is not the end of the world. So, if you get in a situation similar to mine – I am here to help. In fact, there is a whole section on the website of British Elle – “Fashion Phonetics”, dedicated to everyone that has an interest or has had a difficulty in pronouncing the names of designers, models, brands… Now, you do not have to ask yourself how the hell you are going to pronounce that – the question or questions have already been answered for you. You just have to click! Don’t you just love the Internet…?


So, let’s get back to the subject. Uh-huh, Vogue! This week I decided to present you a snapshot (this time, taken by means of my cell phone’s camera) of my three favorite Vogue Issues, that I actually own. I present you my Holy Trinity: American Vogue, August 2007; British Vogue, September 2007 and American Vogue, August 2008 (I actually bought this one on the last day of the Harvard Summer School, in a way it represents a treat that I bought solely for myself to make up for the coach seat on the flight I was on the same day).

I guess that you all are wondering why these specific Vogue Issues are my favorites… Guess what? I don’t know the answer, as well. But, I guess it is because there is a personal story behind them. You know me; I have always been mysterious and there has always been a trail of a secretive whiff around me. And, now – even though, I make efforts with these series of posts to eliminate that part of my personality, I must say that the mystery is here to stay (but, not in the dominant role as it used to have).

To wrap it up – Vogue has had, has and hopefully will have an important role in my life. Even though, the moments that I associate with Vogue may seem small, tiny and minute to some – I still strongly believe that sometimes those mundane moments really matter a lot.


19 Responses to “You’re The Inspiration”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Get over yourself dude without those cute pictures your postings are boring!

  2. dignityfashion Says:

    Harvard 🙂

    You must be very intelligent!

    Good luck with everything Style.

  3. NinaXO Says:

    Hmm. Sorry, But you need to be bringing us a new magazine. That was boring, and proved to us why you hire writiers to write for your magazine, all you are good as it cutting and sticking dolls. And copying trends from vogue and Stardoll. And if I had a cheap plastic table cover like that one i wouldn’t be showing it. Or any nice jewlerry. 😦

  4. Lala Says:

    Nina sure told you.

  5. Lollypop_girl79 Says:

    Loved it!
    To all you people who think this was stupid: Go away.
    It was marvelous, and very inventive. Coach seating and harvard…NICE!
    Anyways, great job Style

    xoxo Hilary

  6. Maliin. Says:

    i can only wish u good luck’

    love it! ❤

  7. long Says:

    Sorry, but it’s not interesting.
    Don’t think, that you’re elite just becouse you read vouge. So do I, but so what?

  8. runawayluv95 Says:

    I really enjoyed it.
    I too use Vogue as one of my many fashion guides.
    There is so much to learn and study.

  9. Sam Says:

    I agree with most of the majority,
    It’s not interesting, everyone can copy fashion out of vogue and stardoll. However I like to set my own trends, and agree with Nina. Thats exactly why you don’t write anything your s**t!

  10. Della Says:

    Good job!
    I like the three front cover pictures aswel.
    From Stardoll member: Fairypunk321

  11. Bella Says:

    Boring. Please, stop writing. You’re just good for nothing.

  12. Honestly Says:

    Harvard Really?
    No offense, but that took me by surprise. [I’m not saying that I think your stupid or anything because I don’t know you.] But I just thought your the kind of person who wastes all their time on stardoll, [I mean you would have too to produce those amazing magazines you do and trying to get an ‘elite’ status.
    But if thats true, I admit I’m jealous. I’ll never get to harvard [But I’m applying for cambridge].
    Urm It’s a cute thing your doing, getting personal. But it’s a tad boring. [Not saying your a boring person] But what was the real point of your post? Telling us about your inspiration from a magazine, isn’t exactly personal, everyone gets inspiration from magazines, what about family and life experiences? I suggest you write something with more depth if you want positive comments rather than negative. Or add more pictures. Everyone LOVEs Pictures.

    I’m just being honest, don’t backfire.


  13. Andrea Says:

    I find it hilarious that you would try to make yourself more relatable now lol. You’re one of the rudest people I’ve come accross on You’re so lame you just like to hear people give you props. Stop fishing or compliments and get over yourself. So you’re good with photoshopping! GOOD FOR YOU!!1
    You’re no better than anyone else. So take your lame “a little more personal” post and go somewhere cause you’re an idiot!!!!

  14. It's funny Says:

    Once upon a time everyone idolised you and your magazine. These days? Everyone’s dissing you just because that’s what everyone else is doing!
    I can’t say they’re wrong about you, but I don’t have any high expectations of those people either.

  15. Latecia Says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!


  16. sencibilitiesmagazine Says:

    pretty damn intellagent =]

  17. Tylerisbomb Says:

    Give her a damn break. I mean really. Style is iconic and everyone knows it. She takes the time to even make this amazing magazine, that if everyone hates… Why is it so popular?

    If you don’t like what she has to say or don’t even like her, my question to you is – What were you doing on her site?

  18. unknown Says:

    wow, follers much?
    you guys know it’s bad you just want to look all good.
    Just becuase you read Voque dosen’t make you Elite.


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