Lanvin Dichotomy

June 20, 2009

Lanvin Dichotomy Outfit Of The Day: 06.20.2009

Why I decided to wear this exact outfit? Hmm… It is clearly a no-brainer, it is Lanvin! I tried to recreate the exact bi-colored runway look, but – still updating it with a few things of my own, such as: the DKNY headband, a pair of earrings and a necklace from the Heidi Klum Jewelry Collection, a simple black belt reminiscent to the one used in the runway look and a pair of black platform peep toe pumps to compensate for my height, or should I say ‘lack’ of it.

As a final touch, I decided to show off my wild side by means of this exotic alligator clutch designed by former Allure editor and Vogue stylist, handbag designer Alexandra Knight.

 Can you wear navy and black together? 


11 Responses to “Lanvin Dichotomy”

  1. jojoamnamn Says:

    i am not a big fan of lanvin bicolor dress but this work for you

  2. Stylishdream Says:

    Of course you can wear black & navy blue at the same time, just look at your gorgeous dress 🙂 Simple but stylish!

  3. I told you that you looks amazing!

  4. xzuzenna Says:

    You look stunning! The same as Lanvin 🙂
    I love it..

  5. dodence_bt Says:

    Amazing! I love the outfit Style, you look gorgeous in whatever you wear!

  6. amelia321 Says:

    The whole outfit really suits you Style! I love the outfit but it could be really cute if you added a little ruffle under the dress with a skirt 🙂

  7. xX.karlitos.Xx Says:

    Awesome, I’m in love with it!

  8. Susannah123 Says:

    I really like this outfit!


  9. April Says:

    3 WORDS!!! FAB-U-LUS!!

  10. realliy good come look at my mag plz!!

  11. Cheryle33 Says:

    Hmm. Loving the dress, but not sure about the trend itself. Perhaps it’s just a trend which is hard to pull off.

    Lots of Love, Evie!!

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