Purple People Eater

June 23, 2009

Purple People EaterOutfit Of The Day: 06.23.2009

Normally, I don’t start with footwear first when it comes to my dressing-up habits, but – today, I could not resist these sumptuous deep fuchsia suede-leather three-quarter length Halston boots. And, then… Do you know what happened? A purple hue overdose!

I didn’t want to add-on a lot of things, because – in my opinion, the color itself is a bold statement fashion-wise. That is why I have opted for a cocktail dress featuring a cartoon-like image of a poppy flower, designed by Vivienne Tam – pairing it up with an evening bag of the same color. To inject just a tiny dose of rock-and-roll into this outfit, I used the studded Erickson Beamon cuff and a crystal wrap Kim Alessi bracelet in Black Lizard.

Is there such thing as too much purple?


15 Responses to “Purple People Eater”

  1. Matilda. Says:

    I complimented you on this outfit in particular, earlier. I’m not a huge fan of purple, to be quite honest. I prefer more simple colours, such as black, grey and white, as I find they have more elegance than any other colour – of course, other colours can be elegant – but every now and again, it’s good to be original. This outfit defines the word ‘bold’, and the studded silver cuff adds edginess. This is truly fabulous, and it makes a change to your usual style.
    / Matilda.

  2. f**k u Says:

    You want to sound like Carrie Bradshaw with the last statement. God, I didn’t know you were so un-original. Myabe that is the reason no one comments this, well, yeah maybe wannabees do.

    • Amy Says:

      Wow. Anti. Some people haven’t taken their happy pills today? If you don’t have something nice to say… don’t say it. It might not be original. But, hey, it’s a lesson you could learn?

  3. Hailey Says:

    Vivienne Tam is by far my favourite brand. I’m ecstatic for next week when they’ll release the new season! 😀

  4. dodence_bt Says:

    I don’t think purple can be too much in any way it’s used. Though there are different types of purple. Light purple could look very sweet even though it’s used too much, neon purple is very high-fashioned (at least to me) and dark purple is just beyond glamorous. So, purple is cool, no matter how much you use it 🙂
    In this particular case it looks amazing. The dress color totally matches the shoes and the clutch.

  5. Britney Says:

    Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that you have a vault of sorts of rares and Limited Edition pieces?

    Either way, I absolutely love you in purple, especially with your beautiful brunette locks, from your Halston boots to your Vivienne dress!


  6. Maliin. Says:

    Lovely, as always.
    You always dress fab!

    xx Malin

  7. Fred Says:

    Yes, there is such a thing as too much purple. Did you fall into a paint can? You look like the girl who turned into a blueberry in ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’. Please, wear something creative, for once.

  8. Paula Says:

    Love it, purple is my fave color.

  9. April Says:

    Wow! I love the outfit! It’s not really alot creative but I love it! =)

  10. Electro_gal Says:

    I havn’t been on to check my blog and stuff because I got hacked!!!

  11. Amy Says:

    As I’m not a user of Stardoll, is it sad that I hope for an update of this page soon? Sigh. Am, well, just a little too old for a teen girl’s site, but I find that the outfits displayed here are more inspirational than the realism found in most fashion magazines. I’m not model-thin, and I’m not plus-sized. I’m average, like the girl depicted in your Outfits of the Day, and I think that’s fantastic, though distressing (I relate to a Cartoon more than a model?). Anyway. Just wanted to say, keep posting. The Sartorialist probably had several days in the beginning when he felt like no one was looking at his pictures of street fashion. But, hey, I’m looking at YOURS, and I’m sure, over time, many others will, too. Keep trying!

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