April, 2008


151 Responses to “April, 2008”

  1. stylemagazine Says:

    I would like to inform you that this month’s Covergirl is Ellie Watson (fakeshake3).

    Great thanks to all the writers.

  2. --ka-- Says:

    I Love The Cover Of This Its Amazing

  3. oh_yeh_* Says:

    The cover is so stunning! This whole magazine is amazing! This issue is the best one yet!

  4. babii--giirl Says:


  5. Iamthestory Says:

    WOW! The designs are fantastic! Congratulations to you, Style Magazine and to the rest of the editors. Now, excuse me, I’m going to read it!


  6. clairtjuh01 Says:


  7. Ducklovr101 Says:

    This is freakin’ beautiful!
    Claps and Cheers for Style_Magazine.

  8. Steff Says:


  9. mixie*pixie Says:

    I am impressed, as always. This issue, though, really goes with me since it talks about all the things I am into, especially the mixture of classic and contemporary art. Thank you, Style Magazine, for having the rest of the Stardoll communtiy gasp at your creations, and of course, keep on bringing us the joyful feeling of awaiting the new issue and then, finally, when we see it, sinking into reading it, letter by letter, word by word.

  10. emma holloway Says:

    I love Abi’s article. It was so beautifully written.

  11. kariene Says:

    you are aaammmaaazzziiinnnggg!!!!i realy mean it you have some real true talent im sure you will be a very famous stylist some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi im at stardoll my name is kariene and my idol is CM_punk(wresling fighter)

  12. Hollister883 Says:

    Im Speechless, once again.

  13. BRAVO!


  14. xgahannahxx3 Says:

    i love it!
    i wish i could be featured on the cover or be a model!

  15. Paxton_chick Says:

    Once again, STyle you have completly amazed me! I would love to be able to interpret and just get my hands on what you do. Great job and I am looking foward to MAY issue! Thanks for your inspiration!

    Paxton Alexandera

  16. spicychic18 Says:

    Best Issue YET!! StyleMagazine You Are Soo Creative!

  17. .Aristar23. Says:

    OMG! I absolutely L O V E the Pucci clothes!

  18. maya_girl Says:

    Great issue! All of them rock

  19. eva19 Says:

    wow its a really good issue!

  20. Sd-model_agency Says:

    Beautiful Work!, Stunning!

    Congrats Fakeshake3! (Ellie)

  21. Amy.Who? Says:

    That was fantastic! I was totally engrossed while I read it! Every issue lives up to the one before! Great work!

  22. I love it, as usuall, it’s great and I love the Pucci clothes that you put on Ellie. This issue is simply extraordinary!

  23. This issue is really the best.Ellie deserves it,of course.She’s great fashionable girl.I like this her look.
    You,girls,made brilliant job.

  24. Dana Mills (Deena_Deena) Says:

    Good Work.
    Ellie looks wonderful.
    This may be my favorite issue yet. πŸ™‚

  25. Sue (lunuszka) Says:

    Actually,I have to say that’s the best editionof style magazine. Sophisticated but Colorful cover, fabulous design… I’m amazingly enjoyed…

  26. Congrats on the new issue you made now again a great job!

  27. wow um yea im just wonderin how can u become cover girl on this website please tell id love to be one contact me on stardoll with this name!!!

  28. clarissima91 Says:

    Very interesting issues,especially the one about Venus. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  29. Jenna Says:

    I adore this issue, Ellie really is Electric! The articles and graphics are beautiful, i love Casey’s article, Hola Ombre! and Abi’s Mondrian Madness! All are wonderful though, and i look forward to all future issues, as they just get better and better!

  30. Aisha Says:

    I am Loving this new issue, well done to all the writter’s & the Editor.. also, A Ellie did a great job, the shots we’RE Fabuloud & Fashionable. :] I love’d this new issue, well done
    && Hope for the Near & Far Future ..x

  31. Amazing you never sease to impress

  32. I love this issue.
    So fresh & beautiful!
    & Ellie honey! You look absolutely
    increible in Emilia Pucci!
    Definately Electric looks!
    I love all of it! & I always will!
    Keep rocking Style!
    & Ily Ellie β™₯


  33. wonderfullie put togetha congrats

  34. Ashley [iluvducks888] Says:

    Wow that’s beautiful. I love it!!!! Good work!!! Very pretty!

  35. S.&.Smag Says:

    Fantastic job!
    I love the emilio pucci outfit. It is stunning!
    The colided pieces of art and fashion shows a new look into the industry.
    I do wish all the best and success to your very appealing magazine and I hope you will consider you and your covergirl of choice to be featured in Chocolate mag for Stardoll’s most famous magazine.
    Once again congratulations.

    [ed.] S.&.Smag

  36. sierra Says:

    i love it. it is so beautiful and fresh. great job

  37. This is absolutely my favorite so far! You keep getting better and better! BRAVO!

  38. xoxglamgirl Says:

    Once again style magazine demonstrates favoritism!

  39. xoxglamgirl Says:


  40. x-iccle-jess-x Says:

    Love it beautifully set out. I’m a member on stardoll x

  41. abercrombie_886 Says:

    Personally, Style_Magazine is very well organized and interesting. If my opinion was asked for, I would say that the “elite” covergirls she uses are not very good. As a reader of PerezStarGossip, I agree with her.

  42. alicia Says:

    You would contract a graphic designer because the cover need one so much!!!

  43. harleybabyxox Says:

    lovee it soo much its gorgeous

  44. Tres.Chic.x3 Says:

    Style_Magazine, we would like to Congratulate you on Such an Amazing Issue! And Ellie, You Look Beautiful.

    Much Love,
    Alice, Lily & Belle β™₯

  45. xHaute_couturex Says:

    This issue is breath-taking. I love the bold colors and the ingeneous use of sharp and powerful poses. Ellie looks ready to kill. It’s amazing. Very great job. Good luck with the upcoming issues. (I hope to see Isabella Arci as one of the Covergirls).

    The very best. Supremely.

  46. Gossip Girl Says:

    Love the Pucci dress hope someone will wear to the Graduation
    Ball, that is if everyone graduates.

    XOXO, Gossip Girl

  47. Wow how doies She Do Its Amazing! =]

  48. glamourgirl1596 Says:

    hey this is an awsome magazine!!!

  49. mechteld2 Says:

    This is honestly not my favorite issue…

  50. Kimberky-Ann Says:

    How did you do all of this???

  51. Keziah (hazy_cloud121) Says:

    absolutely fabulous….didnt read it all….but i read ellies interview and she was real and fabby!

  52. glamour1 Says:

    Truly an amazing and brilliant issue yet again. You are constantly excelling in every issue. You have even inspired me to write my own magazine, PoseMagazine. So thanks, Style_Magazine.

  53. Abi Pettitt Says:

    I would just like to say a huge thank you to Style, for publishing my article, and giving me a chance like no other. She is a wonderful person, and I think she has really outdone herself this month with this amazing issue.

    I love the link to art and the way she has portrayed Ellie Watson in her illustrations, they definitely show the real Ellie.

  54. claudiaballi Says:

    How do you make your covers so kool?

  55. xChanel05 Says:

    Lovely! :]
    You really have an amazing talent x
    I was wondering how you could be on
    the cover of this magazine? (:

    Love Always,

  56. Breanna Says:

    Hi Style!
    I have just finished reading the current issue of Style Magazine and was amazed at how beautiful it was. Ellie looked stunningCan you please tell me which programme you use to create those dolls and the hair and put those clothes onto the dolls??
    xoox breanna

  57. Breanna Says:

    my stardoll is breebabydoll
    thanks hun!!!
    great issue!

  58. Scarletti Says:

    Again, you have a section at the start of the interview in which you talk of the cover girl’s outfit, but how can you know what she is wearing when she lives in London and the writer of style magazine (according to your stardoll account) lives in the USA. I think the quality of writing is to a very high standard apart from this small error and therefore thought this flaw would be of an interest to you so you can keep developing and producing the magazine to its very high standard.

  59. StardollUser Says:

    How do you get the Louis Vuitton dress? It’s my fave designer!!

  60. Stardoll-Mag-Review Says:

    I am a magazine review writer new to stardoll. You publish Stadoll’s best-known user created magazine and I would like to take this opportunity to ask your permission to publish a detailed review report, which will be sent to you via your mail box on stardoll. I have sent you a friend request, though it may have not come through as I am currently experiencing problems with my internet browser. The report would be professional and non-biased. It would be an opportunity for you to greater improve your magazine. The report would be approximatley 700 words and have a several components. Please consider this request.

    Regards, Mag-Review (user account name Mag-Review)

  61. writer Says:

    Hi i would like to be able to write an article to go in ur magazine.

  62. ohana1511 (from stardoll) Says:

    Wow! This issue is just breathtaking! The cover is beautiful, and the articles are amazing! Well done Style_magazine!

  63. Ellebasi.94 Says:

    Bravo!!! Looks amazing! Best one yet!

  64. Eryn Says:

    Oh wow! That’s so Pretty!

  65. Camo56 Says:

    I wonder how people get so much creativity!?

  66. frannie Says:

    o wow
    i love the cover!!!!!!!!!!
    u should make a real magazine!!!!!!!

  67. Brianne Says:

    Not thebest though.

  68. Where did you get those dollies which you use in the magazine?
    ❀ Eva

  69. Maddie137 Says:

    Cooooooooooooooooool Page

  70. srh.hill1 Says:

    Dear fellow Stardollians!

    I’m here to make a statement; CONGRATULAINIOUS!! This one true brilliant magazine!! I love it. Keep up the most fantastic work! PixiDust-a-Roonieeeee.x

  71. .e.l.l.i.e. Says:

    Hey, my name is Ellie like the girl in the article and also I look like that in real life!!

  72. sntmstardollsnexttopmodel Says:


  73. who will your next covergirl be?

  74. cool:]
    vote me;;
    on stardoll for CG(:

  75. stardoll baby Says:

    I love this magazine. So much effort goes into it.

  76. topshopaholic Says:

    What Program Do You Use To Make The Models? This Magazine Is Ah-Mazing Btw… x

  77. styleluvverbabi Says:

    luv it

  78. Agy.Deyn Says:

    Not a suprise that this issue comes as my all time favourite.Ellie, you are a stunner, and gracing the cover just turned the glasses over!Well Done, another great issue:-)

  79. Becky Says:

    Wow! I saw this off your club on stardoll! I lurv that Louis Vutton Dress! So summery wow! I can’t wait for summer noww!!!! ^__^

  80. Alice Says:

    How do you do it? It’s amazing!! Hope you will keep going for a long time to come!

  81. Anon Says:

    Pretty good job.
    The layout of the articles and text is a bit boring to read.
    You may be thinking “You can’t do any better!” but i’m giving you constructive critisism, you have quite a lot of talent but there are way more people out there with more talent than this.

  82. Excellent issue, keep up the good work!

  83. jillbogee Says:

    heyy i love it its very good

  84. Brigitte aka Ex-ohh Says:

    This is wonderful. Wow this magazine truly inspires me.

  85. great, vist my stardoll pink_babe95 ;]

  86. mee Says:

    it dosent eaven look like Ellie… the covergirl is ugly

  87. Kiki Says:


  88. anonomous Says:

    love it absolutely perfect

  89. Hi.
    First of all, a big congrats to fakeshake3 for winning this time’s Covergirl. Style_Magazine, this month’s Swirled Geometrics is a work of genius. I liked Judith I the best. It was beautiful, elegant and stylish(as usual).
    Your magazine continues to inspire me along with many others.
    Hearty Congratulations.

  90. amanda Says:


  91. demureelegance Says:

    Just found this blog and love it πŸ™‚

    Just found one on http://www.leblackbook.com.au that is very fashion savvy xx

  92. Kara Says:

    unbelievable. you’re going places.

  93. ChericeBayBay Says:

    Absolutley fabulous!I love the cover.Great job hun.Keep up the good work.

  94. M0r3NiiT4h Says:

    Come to my suite, i’m M0r3NiiT4h

  95. mmmm Says:

    I think the earlier issues were much better!

  96. HauteCouture Says:

    Wow every time this gets better and better

  97. Aliic3.X Says:

    I Love It-Like I Do Wiv All Ov Em’!
    Gurd Work;

  98. Haha` Says:

    Why do elite’s get the cover?
    and not us, fashionista’s.


    soo cool : ) like it

  100. Not Cool Says:

    Its not cool that you only pick elites for the cover and then make them look like,well,trashy.

  101. My name? Says:

    It seriously annoys me how they wont tell us how they create their dolls. Seriously…just spit it out. There’s nothing “secret” about it. Style Magazine, just say it. People just want to know. And, I’m definitely 100 % CURIOUS.

    Blehh. I love the colors on the front cover. =] My favorite is the March issue.

  102. I know im fly. =X Says:

    UHHH when the May issue coming?
    I also agree with the “My name?” girl. You guys should seriously tell us how u do the dolls. Like, please.

  103. talkzi1213 Says:

    To ‘I know im fly =X’

    She probably uses Photoshop to edit pictures of the dolls and, she is extremely talented at it…….

    But, yes, When can we expect the May issue, Style?

  104. its amazing, and stylemagazine, i love your new hair on stardoll… its so prettyt xx

  105. gabidolly Says:


  106. soovintage Says:

    This magazine is a true fashion bible. I get inspired by it, and so does my stardoll (soovintage)!

    Best issue yet.
    Wonderful choice of words.

  108. Jenny Says:

    Hey iv just been looking at all your issues and well… they are so full of words and adultish. i was just wondering how old style_mag is becuase wow, some words there are big xD

  109. elz_loves_you Says:

    WOW!.My fav Issue!
    VisT My Medoll: elz_loves_you

    xxxxxx GreaT WoRk! XXX

  110. Karine24 Says:

    I love, but will the emilio pucci clothes be for sale in starplaza??? Cause i love them, they are really cool!!!!1

  111. chels Says:

    wow this is great! keep up the good work guys!

  112. Dad Is The Bomb Says:

    I love the Emilio Pucci outfits on Fakeshake3, could wish there was in the StarPlaza.

    When are the next issue coming out?

  113. clairtjuh01 Says:

    Love it

  114. ... Says:

    It’s such a boring magazine!
    I Can’t belive you even dare publishing it on a kids website!
    To many Words – i mean what the hell?!
    What are you, The Elle Magazine Editor In cheif?

    You wannabe! act your own age, your 18 & enjoy it!
    Damn, only 30+ women read Elle & Vouge & Marie-Claire!

  115. lulu11052 Says:

    This is kinda/////////////ooh.

  116. Loving it!
    It would be great if I knew how you do it! You could mail me on stardoll. my nick is fashion-gal_101

  117. bellestyle Says:

    Heya! wondering, wow do you make the cover and all the other pics.x please tell me.x it is amazing!

  118. Hope Says:

    Hmm, I think I know who the cover is of πŸ˜€ could it be fakeshake3 put on a more elegant body?

    Love, –Nezza– xx

  119. eva19 Says:

    wow this issue is so good!

  120. Paris..Style Says:

    I love the theme, you’re the vouge of stardoll.

  121. gypsy_12(stardoll) Corinn Says:

    Wow! My favorite issue of all the ones you’ve done, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. corinne Says:

    hey i toatally love your magazine they are always lookin awwwsum!!!!!! ps my name on stardoll is sidhu_97 add me

  123. boxy21 Says:

    im beautyful im in this magazine

  124. ***LEXIE*** Says:

    This is so good!!
    Mabe you all can visit my clubs magazine at : http://www.SNFIMagazine.blogspot.com now!!

  125. Colleen Says:


  126. ciaraleanne Says:

    I love this issue its a definate fav! How do u do it? I wold love to know as i am an artist! xxx ciaraleanne is my name on stardoll! =) luv yhooo!

  127. 22butterfly22 Says:

    oh everything s just great..

  128. Funny Says:

    Why do you only pick “eliets” to be on the covers.Or your close personal stardoll slaves?I would put a hefty bet that their your accounts.
    Start the gamble.Did I hear someone bid $900?

  129. ayuweasley94 Says:

    I do love this issue! It was amazing! fakeshake3 is really stylish and fashionable! πŸ˜€

  130. desireinc Says:

    I must be honest Im not to imressed with the covergirl interview but the rest of the magazine is, simply amazing.

  131. millymou Says:

    yeah, good. boring, but good.

  132. lolo299 Says:

    Was fakeshale3 ever a covergirl on stardoll? people say she did, and some say that shes running for it.

  133. beaumagazine Says:

    This is my favourite issue, check out mine

  134. She Says:

    Great issue, but the word “OmbrΓ©” doesn’t even exist.
    It’s actually “Hombre”.

  135. jammy8888 Says:

    Loved the mag!
    Good DKNY!
    btw add me its jammy8888 =]

  136. jammy8888 Says:

    OMG! love it!
    add me jammy8888

  137. Era Says:

    Omg,Ellie looks Great! Congratyulations ellie and all the style magazine,This is my favoriteissue !
    Congratulations !!!!!!

  138. innerbeautymagceo Says:

    OmbrΓ© does exsist.

  139. This is my favorite Issue!! I have seen and critizized your magazine, Lauren, but it’s hard not to admit your magazine’s graphics are beautiful!! I really want to know how to put the font behind the MeDoll!!

  140. pappu Says:

    hey losers,

    wat r u writing’ a crappy load of crap-shit? u ruined ur entire crappy piece of art wid alot of unnecesary, not 2 mention crappy text……..so go crap in hell!


  141. pappu Says:

    u crappin’ piece of junk

    go fuck off


  142. innerbeautymagceo Says:


    Aren’t you like 30? Get OFF stardoll you illiterate child molestor.

    And it’s not a load of crap. Its called baby-steps to the big league.

    Unplug your computer – get a job – stop masterbating (Yeah, we know your type) and stop devoting your life to commenting with useless material noone will read πŸ˜€

  143. i luv it,is casual,amazing =3
    nad the hairs are…cool (PLZ VISIT MY STARDOLL PAGE AND JOIN MY CLUB)$.$

  144. Emine Says:

    I love the outfits and the background in the “Eclectic Ellie” article. I think the hair is lovely and the only flaw in this issue was the Swirled Geometrics article, I’m sure many loved it, but personally I think that the outfits were somewhat…unstylish. This criticism isn’t meant as an insult, I just wanted to tell you my opinion.

  145. melody Says:

    I love the dkny dress.

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