August, 2007


57 Responses to “August, 2007”

  1. TiientJ Says:

    Awesome ! πŸ˜€ I Like The New Fashion Trends ^^

  2. I Like The New Magazine!I Love It =]

  3. Madihah Mojeeb Says:

    cool!!! i hope that u can continue this until next year!!!

  4. natural_girl11 Says:

    yOuR aUgUsT iSsUe Is faB
    i LikE tHe cG dIaRIeS
    TC CYA xxxxxx

  5. escimo200 [Dedictated Reader To Style Magazine] Says:

    As I said before, your magazine is brilliant and I enjoy reading it everytime a new issue comes out. This one is added to the pile of brilliant issues, I love it, well done and keep up the EXCELLENT work! Remember, be proud – stick your head up high! You are doing well. You can see everyone loves it
    Keep going, don’t stop – you have talent – use it forever and you will get so far!
    I am proud, you should be too! Don’t stop – EVER!

    Once again, dedicated reader – escimo200 [chloe]

  6. Jessica Says:

    I love it. This is so much better than The Voice. Callie stardoll could learn a lot from you.

  7. cftvgybhunjimko Says:

    its cool

  8. Taylor Says:

    Wonderful magazine.

  9. Mimi Says:

    Hey!! i love youre magazine! i think that you should start a real magazine later! πŸ˜€ xxx Mimi ps: i really like your new hair on stardoll!

  10. Lady! Says:

    Hey!!! i love this magazine!! But i DONT like your new hair on stardoll:P

  11. beth Says:

    thats so awesome i totally luv ur mag

  12. Roxxi Says:

    OMG! This is so cool!

  13. Madihah Mojeeb Says:

    one day u should start ur own magazine company

  14. michaela Says:

    ur web syt it awsom it is so super stylish i wish i ws kl lyk u wElLdOnE keep up de gd wrk u deserve a fashion medal.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  15. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Ur website is AWSOME!!! I luv the fashion trends!!

  16. zanna Says:

    i love the august issue!

  17. STACEYx3 Says:

    BEING that stardoll is for young girls…what does romantic langerie ahve to do anything with them??

    Dont u think thats kinda odd

    i dont know wat magazine ure getting ure ideas from….

  18. izzy Says:

    hey thats great!! youre sooo lucky that u made the stardoll magazine!!! u sooo desirve to be in it though!! well i love your magazine it is awesome i love the clothes that are in it!!!i wish that i could start a magazine but i dont have the time!! i think u are soooo cool for starting your own magazine!! well u are sooo lucky to have your own magazine and be popular on stardoll!!!

  19. peachygirl536 Says:

    As I said in the july edition, I know the name of the creator of stardoll, and top secret information about the missing pictures. Tell me if you need help!

    xox Peachygirl536

    MD ❀

  20. luckyJEEN Says:

    hey whats up stardoll

  21. L3aNnA Says:

    hey the new mag rox

  22. bree Says:

    I luv the mag!!! its Fab!! Great style too!!

  23. Zoey Says:


  24. Jade Says:

    wonderful talents and ethics are put into this magazine. Mighty Organization will always get you somewhere in life. Keep up the good work fashionistas. My mind and heart to you

    P.S visit me on stardoll

  25. alise Says:

    well u have a natural talent! your style is so chic..

  26. Amarille* Says:

    Fabulous initiative!
    I love your writing; you really shouldn’t ever stop doing it.

    Props for you, fashionista’s!

  27. Cecilia Says:

    i love this one πŸ˜› this one is adorable

  28. hakan(hd1995) Says:

    I love it!

  29. --Alilicious-- Says:

    Once again a faboulous magazine , with a fantastic lay-out and an eye for the latest fashion trends !
    a magazine everybody can learn from !
    the lay-out is neat and colorful without beiing over-the-top.
    an absolutly must-have magazine for every fashion queen !
    cant wait till september !

  30. Vanessa Says:

    Fantastic Issue!

  31. anonomous Says:

    I think this is a great mag!

  32. Someone_From_Stardoll Says:

    As usual, completely fabulous!!

  33. **PiNKy.GiRL** Says:

    LoOVe ThΓ© MaG… GR8 iSSuΓ©!!

  34. MarieAntoinette Says:

    It was lovely reading about Marie Antoinette!

  35. Isa Says:

    I still dont know how do you do it! But it is amazing!

  36. jenny32495 Says:

    this is a great mag! one of the best out there!

  37. melissa Says:

    this is so great a friend told me this on stardoll in a club her name is stlye magize

  38. Breah Patterson Says:

    I love this magazine. The artwork in this magazine is better than stardoll. How do you do it.

  39. some_one_differnet Says:

    great mag but it could be better like more interesting maybe

  40. adggad Says:


  41. weyouth Says:

    Hey I just visit your blog and I must say that you have very nice and impressive blog. Keep it up. And you are all very welcome on my blog to some time visit me

  42. PiiNK.NiiNJAxox Says:

    Absolutley fantastic! Keep up the good work! It’s better than the stardoll magazine!

  43. Lil_Looby_Lu Says:

    love your magazine

  44. zaz1234 aka shakira Says:

    i absolutely love ur mags dey r sooo good it fantastic

  45. zaz1234 aka shakira Says:

    my most fav mag is the august 1

  46. swoosh_gurl07 Says:

    Hi! I am one of your friends on Stardoll and I love your magazine! It’s wonderful. I love it. Great layout.

  47. Isabelle723 Says:

    Hey, I love the augest issue, you are a great writer, keep up the good work!!

  48. Isabelle723 Says:

    Hey, how did you make this website? I have a stardoll magazine, (Stardoll Today) can you tell me hoe to make one, Remember me? Your friend Isabelle723 From Stardoll, please tell me!!

  49. Runway.Fashion. Says:

    love it

  50. Starscope Mag Says:

    I also run a mag, but it is nothing compared to this!

  51. jonikole Says:

    I love this! You are truly ment for magazines!

  52. Nelise Says:

    I luff this thaing!
    Is it stardoll that makes this magazine, or someone who has got stardoll?

  53. Layra Says:

    I LOVE THIS YEAH !!!!!
    This Magazin is a bautiful and fabelus and totally rihgt!!!!! This Magazin is my and my Sisters Loveling Magazin and not relly more

  54. cuterid Says:

    THE BEST issue ever !

  55. styleshotmag Says:

    check out my mag

  56. Roselle Says:

    Im actually dissapointed with this issue. I feel this is a much lover standard.

    Sorry, but very drab this month.

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