February, 2008


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  1. stylemagazine Says:

    In case you did not recognize the English Belle on this month’s cover, I am glad to inform you that Selena Marks is Model-Selena.

    Great thanks to Nina Nilsson (phishtickie) and Sophia Morena (chanelNo.5) for unselfishly giving me much-needed help to make this Issue look as it looks now!

  2. Selena.aka.miselo Says:


  3. mixie*pixie Says:

    Wow Style you outdid yourself…

  4. Morgan Says:

    I don’t get it… is it just a cover?

    Where is the rest of the magazine….. ??

  5. Fakeshake3 Says:

    I am literally speechless!

  6. flipflop8906 Says:

    I wish we could make our dolls look like that..

    Well DONE!! love it

  7. Dana Mills (Deena_Deena) Says:

    Wonderful. You have done a fatastic job! I hope to the see the next issue. I love the Femme Fatel theme. Selena looks perfect. Great Job!

  8. rihanna_best_si Says:

    Love it Much more better than the other ones!

  9. Tale Says:

    I just don’t understand how you do it…
    But where are the editors picks?

  10. babycarli_x Says:

    Love The Magazine. The New Look Is GREAT. But I Prefered Some Short & Snappy Details Like In The Old Magazine Like What To Buy In The Plaza Etc. But In Othr Words.. BRILLIANT! x

    One Day You Will Become The Editor In Chief Of Vogue.

  11. Merle Says:

    it’s fabulous! the pictures are so beautiful!!!

  12. Cottagirl Says:


  13. babii--giirl Says:

    absolutely amazing !

  14. Olivia aka Puccapo Says:

    WOW. The only word i can think of.

  15. sirbiczek Says:

    this issue is sooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done!!!!!!

    cant wait till the march one!!!!


  16. hoooolpsetikurt Says:

    it is amazing!
    very old fashion and stylish!
    how do you do this magazine?….

  17. fergie_1992 Says:

    wow it is amazing i really love it

  18. xxcookiegirlxx Says:

    After attending the Reinvention Gala last night, I was expecting big things and you have lived up to that expectation, and gone beyond it. Very well done.

  19. spicychick04 Says:

    oh my god! u guys have really outdone yourselves! i love how you have the cover and everything. as the british would say”simply smashing darling!”

  20. Jai (Romance_Guy) Says:

    My Goodness. This is breathtaking. And now I simply MUST win the Young Writer’s Contest!
    I’m afraid i was unable to attend the Gala because of exams coming up!
    this is actually the most gorgeous thing i have seen since the extra large special edition vogue… or the last betsy johnson collection …
    seriously, this is so above stardoll. it’s just too good. i feel blessed to have the oppurtunity to possibly maybe work on another issue of this!

  21. Ciiiiiinderella Says:

    Gosh.. Amazing, fabulous and gorgeous are not even the words. It’s perfect. Perfectly perfect. Just like a real magazine.. You’re only 18 years old, right? You have a gift 🙂

  22. *chang* Says:

    this edition is the best one ive ever seen! its gorgeous!

  23. Iamthestory Says:

    I am absolutely speechless! It’s amazing the best, EVER! It’s really good, I think you have a great future in your front, don’t waste it, because…… ufff! As I said, I’m speechless, it was worth to wait, I think… Well, congratulations, the edition is the best, Stardoll should hire you or… VOGUE, maybe…!


  24. Lisa Says:

    You have incredible editing skills, and ‘The Timeless Collection’ is far better than any of stardoll’s latest collections. I must say, you have immaculate sense of style and you are a breath of fresh air from the wannabes.

  25. xxLLISSAA @stardoll.com Says:

    This issue is absolutly amazing!

  26. hawiianbody Says:

    Great!No cover girl diaries?=(

  27. juniormintess Says:

    This is great! I think there is too much reading involved. thats all.

  28. --ka-- Says:

    I Love This Issue , The Cover Is Amazing.
    Worth The Wait !

  29. zoey437 Says:

    Well put together, Delightfully accomidating todays fashion.
    Imaculate animated photography.
    Must read magazine of the year.

    Editor and Chief of Shimmer&Shine Magazine

  30. escimo200 [Dedictated Reader To Style Magazine] Says:

    Do you remember me? When you weren’t as popular as you are now…We used to mail each other, and I helped.
    I wonder if you still remember me…

    Anyway, you have come far, and I love your magazine! You really should be in a real life magazine business, properly published and selling in shops.
    Well done and keep up the extraordinary work!

  31. Lilla Says:

    I love this magazine. It always worth to wait for the next issue 🙂

  32. OMG<3 i totaly love it! your magazine is amazing, always!

  33. unga(at stardoll.com) Says:

    omg)) IT’S the dream))) i like it so much))))

  34. dartuks75 Says:

    i love it

  35. ugly Says:

    This is so the best!

  36. Peppen Says:

    WOW! I love this magazine! It’s so stylish!!!
    It’s sad that you couldn’t use your collection on the stardoll.com site. Theu’re really cool! I love the white dress with the fethers!

  37. chanel_belle202 Says:

    WOW!!! Loved it!

  38. neila90 Says:


  39. -Pop_Tart- Says:

    simply fabulous.

  40. OMG! Your magazine is like the best ever! Way better than before! You are SO COOL!

  41. StardollUser Says:

    Hey. Where can you buy the Chanel Braclet?

  42. moisesmecrazy Says:

    WONDERFUL!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  43. perpetual_bliss Says:

    how do you make the dolls?

  44. Anna Says:


  45. Emma Says:


  46. marlene Says:

    I wish we could have dolls who look like that, amazing!

  47. Nuala Says:

    WOW its really good but thats no surprise as all of them are DEADLY!!! 🙂

  48. StardollUser Says:

    How do you make these dolls?

  49. lovely.girl.too Says:

    Im really impressed about this issue. Im wonder how you do these dolls so beautiful and how you style them.

    Im a big fan of your designs. Chapeau.

    Yours, Sofija (lovely.Girl.Too)

  50. Rachel Says:

    That Was Really Good Issue My Stardoll Name Is Lilrachypachy In Stardoll !
    Loved This Issue Soooooooo Much !


  51. UNiQUE...x Says:


  52. dogs118 Says:

    love it ! but why not make it a real magizine?

  53. dogs118 Says:

    & also i really liked the 3 must haves bit that were on the previous magazines!

  54. breaparis Says:

    loveeee it! the best magazine from stardoll that ive seen yet! 🙂 5 STARRRRR!

  55. This issue is simply stunning!

  56. pinky_20sweetie Says:

    wow, amazing! by far the best issue, i just cant think of anything else to say but wow

  57. Fin Says:

    its a wonderful magazine

  58. Wow, I LOVE this…how do you get the models?

  59. vincent99 Says:

    Wow.. the February one is sooooooo good.. i’m so speecheless!

  60. delciousgirly24 Says:

    While I loved the outfits, clothes, and ideas, I found the actually writing in the magazine rather boring. The articles were extremely long with little to break them up. Personally, I found the new issue a dissapointment.

  61. bribaby1212 Says:

    u have the best mag ever

  62. hosay_orya Says:


    i luv it

    i cant beleive u have done such a great job keep it up!!!!!!


  63. hosay_orya Says:

    i AM SOO SOOO PLEASED that there was a mention on victoria beckham and her amazing fashion sense


  64. No1WestieLover. Says:

    One Word:WOW.Bravo with the latest issue but maybe try less long paragraphs as it could get quite boring,but all in all it was great!

    p.s were did you get those stardoll models?

  65. Amyizzle Says:

    Fantastic!! I love the new design!

  66. Amanda Says:

    OMG totally love it!

  67. clea807 Says:

    How do you make these type of graphics?

  68. fashiongirl6 Says:

    This is the best thing I ever saw! WOW great Job!!!

  69. Congratulations on the award

  70. Kahlen08Heiress Says:

    This is so fabulous!
    I love the new look!

  71. Ellebasi.94 Says:

    It’s gorgeous as always!! :]

  72. burstmagazine Says:

    how did u get the real magazine?or virtual magazine cover?

  73. godlygirl10 Says:

    It’s great.

  74. It’s so gorgeous!
    Great job!

  75. maegy97 Says:

    it is great i think i love all the dresses

  76. aquagirl12894 Says:

    I absolutely love this issue! I was wondering if I could be a model? My name is Elizabeth, I’m German and Scandinavian living in the USA, with blonde, straight hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, and semi-pale skin. I’m tall. I’m 13 years old! My Stardoll name is aquagirl12894 so let me know!

  77. Molly Says:

    This is fantastic! You should be very proud of you and your crew members. Lots if love Molly x

  78. Guaggi Says:

    I Must Day That I Loved This Issue The Most. I Loved Every Single Article Especially Femme Fatale.
    I Can’t Wait To Read The Next Issue.
    With Love, Guaggi

  79. Keyshia Says:

    Um today my wedding and i need help for a dress so can you help me with my Style_Magazine and its Mary68 by the way on stardoll and i feel so happy today because its my wedding if you fro stardoll please come.

  80. Someone Says:

    Wanna-be Elle.
    Please. -.-”
    BTW, the Cover Doll is Awful.

  81. starpaper Says:

    Hey Style!!
    That is the greatest magazine I’ve ever seen. I love your cover, how do you do it!?


  82. Chloe Says:

    Its Gawjuss

  83. Kitty Says:

    Great doll!

  84. punkyfish2007 Says:

    It is so inspiring

  85. Hollister883 Says:

    Wow, this is truly breathtaking.
    Style has outdone themselves with this issue.
    Well Done!

  86. Brittany Says:

    I love and adore this issue! It is just fabulous. I would kill to be featured in one of the issues. x.x.x.


    Wow…you may be an narcissistic beeyotch with a power complex, but that is a good issue. It sometimes gets meticulous to read. Also the model-selena interview seems kinda over dramatic and cheesy [because of the whole ‘what outfit she walked through the door in’ thing] but other wise it is very good….great graphics

  88. karime Says:

    Omg These are sooo cute

  89. jasmine1991 Says:

    Wow! I love the graphics/dolls their so amazing! great job!

  90. KwlKat999 (stardoll username) Says:

    I love this magazine, it’s so professional. The layout reminds me of the Harrods mag. The pictures are great too, I tried to find out how you do it, but so far I haven’t succeded.

  91. This is such an awesome magazine! how do i make one?

  92. Unimpressed. Says:

    Not an acceptional magazine. But the pictures are definately great…

  93. Fancy911 (stardoll account) Says:

    OMG. That was soooooo amazing. Just, incredible. Much much better than your old ones. Though I must admit, some of the articles were a bit long and obsessed with “the classic look,” and you are a bit of a b/tch (with all the “it was a humbling and life-enriching experience” stuff, and just how the articles were written), but still, great job.

  94. Star_Awards Says:

    OMG! Youre brilliant!

  95. Megan Says:

    I totally love your club and the magazine. You guys did awesome amd I hope you keep up the great work!!

  96. mechteld Says:

    I am stunned. This looks gorgious!!
    Someone is very good with the computer.
    The images, … I mean WOW. I don’t know what to say.
    I am speachless.
    Good job!

  97. emma holloway Says:

    Finally got round to reading it. Only three weeks late…
    I love the cover, it says everything a great fashion magazine should.
    Looking forward to March’s edition!!

  98. amanda (lilchicrise) Says:

    omg i love this. I wish my doll could look like that!

  99. its ok... Says:

    yeahh its ok…
    the graphics are great, but the articles are ok.
    they sometimes get tedious, and kind of cheesy.
    I also think you should try to appeal to more than one type of ppl

  100. High.Fashion Says:

    This issue is by far the best that you gave ever made. I love it. Especially the Oscar Fashion article. I simply cannot wait until the next issue.

  101. himanshi Says:

    this is definately gr88888888888
    ‘bahut khoob’ (very good) is wat we indians will say!!!!

  102. junjunbaby Says:

    wow it’s awesome!!! I hope you can tell us how can u make all this in the next issue…u know, somewhat like a “trivia” or “behind the scene” section^^ keep moving on!!!

  103. Deborah Says:

    Se tivesse traduzido (portugues)seria muito interessante cheguei aqui com todo interesse para ler e nao deu!
    mas gostei das modelos, poderia ter essas posiçoes para stardoll ia ser bem bien!

  104. Nelise Says:

    omg,, I LUFF IT!
    Btw,, I’m Nora_Elise on stardoll,, visit me,, I’m a total diva

  105. Patrycja Says:

    Cool :*
    On stardoll – Picjaaa13

  106. awsome! Says:


  107. silvia girlwwe Says:


  108. cool wad a magasine well all i av 2 say is well done clap clap:):)

  109. phishtickie Says:

    I have to say, as one of the writers for the magazine, that some people seem to criticise the articles without even reading them. It makes me a bit sad that you girls don’t even have the attention span to read a couple of pages of text. And yet, it takes us a lot of time and effort to put these texts together. Please be a little more patient when you read! As for those who think some things are “cheesy”, well, we like to be a bit flamboyant and this is all done a bit tongue-in-cheek as well. It’s all meant for fun anyway! All I can say is, you should try to write something and you will discover it is just not as easy as you may think. At all.


  111. kavi Says:

    this magazine is really great

  112. Its totally wicked!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv it

  113. jojobags99 Says:

    style magazine is certainly a magnificent masterpiece!
    way to go style mag!

  114. xellen_08x Says:

    glamorous ..

  115. cawinja..nju kā redzat esu no latvijas 🙂
    nju ..es te tā apskatijos..unj saprat..ka laikam šeit būs tās drēbes kas būs stardolinja..jeb stardoll.com..a k’qa liekas jums ?? 😀

  116. hannah Says:

    this magazine is lovely! I’m not going back to my fave website, stardoll! I will stay here to read the whole issue.

  117. I can’t beliva a magazine like yours would actually support the abuse of alligators!

  118. Elizzabeth Says:

    i love the stuff the desses r hot!!!!!!

  119. lievekeuh Says:

    this magazine is totally great
    i love it

  120. weezee2000 Says:

    u should all ways wear something HOT!!!!! well here it is!!!!!!~

  121. hon3y- Says:

    wow ii luv it

  122. Lushous_Beauty Says:

    Hello.Style_Magazine is The BEST Magazine Maker EVER!

  123. Miracle456 Says:

    Oh my gosh!

    That is wonderful!
    Your literature is astounding!

  124. Jean Says:

    uhmmm vive the hollywood style… the class and the glamour

  125. Silviba Says:

    Cool! vted me as cover girl in stardoll usuario : dayana_9t

  126. Kaitlinne.ox Says:

    This magazine has really come a long way. I just want to say the new cover design is quite an artistic idea. And the ‘Femme Fatale’ artical is exteremly pleasent, but I still am looking forward to a more escuisite magazine that I know you are possible of creating.

    Your Sincerly,

    Kaitlinne Jackson.ox {French Vouge}

  127. Discodiva08 Says:

    it is kinda borin but love the pics and dresses they are gorgeous!! the mag looks fab tooooo!!!

  128. Scarletti Says:

    I find it slightly hard to believe the beginning of the interview with Selena. How can you know what dress she was wearing and how she walked into the room if you live in America and her in the UK according to your stardoll profiles. A mistake like this shouldnt be made in such a high quality magazine, I’m sure you will adress the error.

  129. cute_deizi Says:

    I adore that issue, it’s perfect. Congrats, Style ! 🙂

  130. melanii Says:

    oo estaa re copadoo los vestidosss

  131. The Tea House Says:

    I love what you do. Keep up the excellent work!

  132. Jenny Says:

    Awesome! Very glamorous!

  133. Summer_Favilla Says:


  134. kurdqueen! Says:

    that looks beautiful!!
    Keep up the good work! I love the dolls & the dresses!!

  135. Anna Says:


  136. this is a nice magazine…..duh….hehe……hh…..jee……hh…..

  137. Anon Says:

    Scarletti, the dress that Selena arrives in is most probably refering to one of the ‘Inspired By’ Balmain dress. It was a silver dress and available in Rio Chicas. It was probably the dress Model-Selena was wearing when the interview took place using perhaps the Chat Function or Private Messages.

  138. gunsandrosey Says:

    Love the absolute showstoppers

  139. nickyy9 Says:

    THIS IS SOMETHING AMAZING..very great work..really love it, no comment at all..

  140. Carol Says:

    ESse site é o máximo!

  141. MsHannah Says:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G DRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Oh My! This
    is absolutely , totally ,
    completely the best one i’ve seen yet.
    The cover. The dolls. The outfits.
    I love every inch of this magazine ❤
    Keep up the good work!

    x0` Ruth

  143. heahea2365 Says:

    I can’ believe how beautiful these dresses are!!! Add me, somebody!!!

  144. i wish we could make or dolls that pretty i love the hair makeup etc. that would be great if we had that choices

  145. Hopefully stardoll will get some new hair styles… like these that would be great.

    And stardoll should consider poses for the users who have stardolls…Iwould love that and many others would to.

    Maybe one day

  146. Mollzy2012 Says:

    How do you make the magazine? Oh and the dolls?

  147. Briah707 Says:


  148. M0r3NiiT4h Says:

    This is so amazing…<3
    Come to my suite in stardoll and check out my starbazaar:

  149. jadae Says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………………………………………..thats cool

  150. clarissima91 Says:

    wow that’s amazing!!=)
    p.s. come to my suite and vote me covergirl…I will vote you back^.^
    Hugs from Clarissima=)

  151. reniulka93 Says:

    Beautiful :))

    I think hopefully stardoll will get some new hair styles and that emazing body… I mean figure, silhouette… like these that would be great.

    Please check out my page !!

  152. Mari-cruz Says:

    so amazingly beautiful

  153. nikoladek Says:

    Hey people! That’s bracelets and clutches and diamonds it’s so cool, come to me: http://www.stardoll.com/nikoladek Ba-bay!

  154. Danielle Says:

    This is like SO nice.

  155. emily.1 Says:

    Oh my gosh! I love Style Magazine! I requested Style_Magazine on stardoll, but she hasnt gotten my request. Visit me on Stardoll, My username is emily.1

  156. Dc.girl888 Says:

    I love Stardoll and always have a fashion way. I think tihs magazine is perfect to see.

  157. bella_12000 Says:

    wow…it’s amazing…i wish i could buy that

  158. sunshinegirlfor Says:

    How do you do it? it looks amazing!!!!!

  159. Really awsome!!!!!! 🙂

  160. Jaclyn Says:


    that was so kool

  161. awesome!!! I don’t really have any time to read it now, but I will definatly be back tomorrow to read it!! other than that it is so cool!!

  162. It Is So Cool The Fashion Designer

  163. starkicker04 Says:


    i think this is so cool! I love the dolls wearing the cothes! will those dolls come out in stardoll??

  164. fashionista4vr Says:

    I almost fainted when I saw this issue! You guys did such a great job! I love all of your issues but this one was just outstanding, beyond incredible! The models look flawless and beautiful and the clothes are perfected and make me want to reach out and grab them for myself! Truly outstanding! I was wondering though, for your next issue maybe you could do a story on the girls that aren’t aloud to reach out and grab their dad’s credit cards to buy Stardollars and they also live in foreign countries making it more difficult for them to get Stardollars and new clothes, or stuff to decorate their suite! That type of girl is me and some of my friends, TigersCheerGrl2, KissKissDancer1 and Devy121919! We’re alll from America but we live in Singapore! It would definetly be awesome if you responded to my post, thank you!

  165. Woot Woot!
    You made it in the “the Show”

  166. hayward_93 Says:

    this is so GLAMOROUS STUFF! especially the audrey heburn one nice job=]]

  167. helenarads Says:

    wow…you guys have the most amazing style. If this was a real magazine, I would Definately buy it.

    Great job,


  168. XxXZariaXxX Says:

    Wow! I mean Wow it how do you make the models pose and stuff?

  169. Sammie Wammi Says:

    LUV IT!!!! maybe you could put some of the things like hairstyles and clothes in the StarPlAZA??? i think it’s absolutley awesome!!!! thx!!!

  170. irish.irish Says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! I am so speechless…and get this..i have on ly looked at the pictures!

  171. SUPERSTORK Says:

    WOW! AWESOME! Whew!

  172. naty [[ pouty**lips ]] Says:

    fantastic. simply fantastic. my advice: pursue a career in publishing/journalism. you’re amazing.

  173. ssssssssoooooooooo grate!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Jolande66 Says:

    How did you make the dolls? And also i love the front cover but i found it a bit tedious reading all the long pages, could you make it them shorter and snappier to read like in newspaper..?

  175. Cottagirl Says:

    Beautiful! :Speechless: 🙂

  176. destingirl54 Says:

    hi! how do you do these wonderful dolls with the clothes and not be associated as an official stardoll mag? bravo

  177. mich-1996 Says:

    l-o-v-e i-t-!-!-!-!

  178. bella_979 Says:

    heyy i love this voice of stardoll!! read the nag, and i just luv it!!

  179. polkababydot Says:

    Fantastic!!! how so ever did u make such wonderful dolls, because the are not real stardolls. are they??

  180. mz_2nv Says:

    hey visit me on my stardoll account mz_2nv

  181. krissiboss Says:

    omg how did u made those amazing gaphics??

  182. milly93 Says:


  183. I’d Love To Model For Your Chic Magazine !


  184. I’d Love Modeling For This Chic Magazine ! xox

  185. Aly_i_Aj Says:

    ohh … Cool !!

  186. lib_luvs_u Says:

    Hey, i love their clothes and hair!!! Add me on stardoll name
    lib_luvs_u hope u add me :]

  187. Annija Says:

    Plzz my my my my me!!!! 🙂

  188. Nikki Says:

    how do you get the dolls to look like that?! I love all their clothes, accesories, etc! It’s a work of art! (and I wish we could get our dolls to look like that!

  189. Nikki Says:

    So cool!!!

  190. foxy18 Says:

    I luv this it rox!!

    Vist my suite plz vote 5/5 PLZ

  191. lujie-xxx Says:

    hey, i just love this magazine…
    i hope stardoll will soon have more than 3 choices of magazines
    it will be like the realy world!!

  192. NINOnia Says:

    very nice!!!!!!!!

  193. Giusytta90 Says:

    wow…you guys have the most amazing style. If this was a real magazine, I would Definately buy it.

  194. salamac Says:

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  195. WOW Says:

    wow it is cool

  196. maraki_14 Says:

    Fantastic!!! how so ever did u make such wonderful dolls, because the are not real stardolls. are they??

  197. NoRegrets07 Says:

    Hey vizit me! ^^

  198. jasmondoe Says:

    thats wuy i cant say anything anymore !!!!!!!!!!

  199. eleni Says:

    very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Klauida.afro Says:

    I love this magazine

  201. hilaryduff28 Says:

    join my club mini_modal!!!!!!!!!! and love this mag!!!!!! join my club mini_modal and vote me cg!!!!!

  202. Colleen Says:


  203. Cutie-Putie Says:

    Omg. So Hawt. Why can’t we have those hair and qaulity like those in the STyle Magazine. It’s just so un fair how we don’t get those hair.

  204. Sarah Says:

    Cool magazine! 😉 Love it
    .. Is this going to be a ‘real magazine’??


  205. lynnburger Says:

    I just love your magazine. It is marked in my favorites!!! You have a great gift. How do you make the dolls and the graphics. I wish you were on the stardoll staff. Just awesome. Keep up the good work.!!!

  206. Avast_Sarah Says:

    AWESOME!!!! This is a great issue. Visit my stardoll! I’m in your club 🙂 😉 😀

  207. MK Says:

    This is soooooooooooooo cool it is amazing!

    cute clothing!


  208. randbfashion Says:

    OMG!! how did u get the your wordpress like a magazine? and how did u make ur own stardolls?

  209. Brenn!!! Says:

    I love stardoll and the RED CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. farry2 Says:

    Like a real magazine is fantastic!!!

  211. farry2 Says:

    Stardoll is getting better and better

  212. jules Says:

    why doesn’t stardoll reliece it as the show.
    it’s way better.
    i have a question.
    are the hairstyles also at stardoll?
    answer me at my acount= memberon

  213. HOLLYYYYY Says:

    we should totally get those hair styles for stardoll!

  214. thata Says:

    Oh my good, I love this clothes (l).

  215. IndianPrincess5 Says:


  216. Allison Says:

    I love this magazine! Ya’ll all these dresses are for sale on stardoll.com!

  217. Izzy Says:

    WOW very impressive

  218. melodysong Says:

    congrats on being in the showw
    tis good
    the graphics aree impressivee

  219. penelope Says:

    you did a wonderful job… i think you guys should make it into a real magazine

  220. how did u do this it ROXXX!!!! stardolls dolls should look like this!

  221. angy Says:

    wow i love the dolls hair i wonder is that hair gonna be on stardoll?
    i just love the cover its like perfect!

  222. diana_mira Says:

    omg,…..that’s sOoOoOo amazing

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    Thanks for giving me a fashion “boost”,
    Classic and Chic
    (iluvcherries321 on stardoll)

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    Amazing. The person on the cover should be a doll on stardoll.. x

  226. Ruchama Says:

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    Love this issue.
    Very classic chic and VERY red carpet glam.
    I can’t believe you guys came this far.

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  232. pinkcheekes Says:

    the stuff is so nice i’m gonna buy them all

  233. OMG, I love your work, but I believe that…
    Fashion changes but style stays the same…
    So shouldn’t it be Fashion Mag and not Style Mag?

  234. Kit-kat Says:

    Hey on the next edition can you feature great choices in Starplaza?
    I’m kidn of lazt choosing my outfits and scrolling around even though it’s fun lol ❤

  235. Emiliana_em Says:

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  237. baby_v_16 Says:

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    LOVE IT!

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    And the clothes very fashions!!!

    Congratulations for the page!!

  248. yani Says:

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  249. bridget Says:

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    Why I can’t buy the something thing…

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  252. Naima Says:

    Great Magazine!
    This is the best ever (february 2008) How dose it come that i never have heard about it ??
    Well Anywa great magazine and please chek out my suite and write in the gb vote me for cg too !
    Thanks ❤

  253. XeTo_GiRl Says:

    OMG you have an truly talent!And how do you make the cover?

  254. clairtjuh01 Says:

    Darling. Youve Got So Much Talent
    I Think That U Will Work For The Magazine: “Vogue”


  255. --- Says:

    I Particularly Adore The Timeless Collection Dress.

  256. sierra Says:

    i love it. it is all about fashion and i think it is great. i work at a fashion store a i love this….

  257. Wow!Your Style Magazing things are AMAZING! I love the April 2008 and also the February 2008! I love the style of it all!Well done.

  258. SMhater!! Says:

    great job you lesbian!

  259. Audrey.Hepburn Says:

    Can this is be anymore amazing? Please let me know if you have an Audrey Hepburn inspired issue. Please. She is my inspiration in writing AND fashion. Here is the beginning of a poem she wrote :
    For attractive lips speak words of kindness
    For beautiful eyes, seek only the best in people
    For lovely hair, let a child run their hair through it everyday

    and it goes on, it’s much longer than that, it’s amazing.

  260. Ninuca Says:


  261. OMG! I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE! i have a question though…. how do the dolls have different poses? do you do that style_magazine… and how?

  262. boxy21 Says:

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    i love this, you’re so creative

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  266. 22butterfly22 Says:



  267. retrosketchblog Says:


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  271. Couture_girl Says:

    It’s nice, but it seems a bit oversophisticated for the average teen female. I think that maybe you should amp it down a bit. But it is very nice on the whole! =)

  272. cute babe but its just saying deep down how amazing a load of skinny airheads are.

  273. Anna Says:

    Come on people; All you truly look at is the amazing graphics. You can’t even understand the text unless your some mad scientist!

  274. PrincessMinnie_ @stardoll Says:

    the text is a bit well a lot cofosing, but the graphic is amazing

  275. alli Says:

    i think the article on alligator skin is disgusting

  276. Msadeleine Says:

    u should be a graphic artist

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