July, 2007


185 Responses to “July, 2007”

  1. BabyDoll96x Says:

    Hey its babydoll96x i luv style magazine, stardoll is soo anoying dat they took the pictures off, i will read this all the time!!

    Good Luck to the magazine!!

    Lots of Love,

    Erin xxxx

  2. peachygirl536 Says:

    Wow! I love this magazine.

    But anyway, this magazine rocks! It really shows what stardoll is all about-fashion! I think Callie should post this magazine in the show. Also, if style magazine needs more to post, I know the name of the account of the creator of… [drumroll please] STARDOLL!!!

    -peachygirl536 [Maddy]

  3. Swimmy1010 Says:

    stardoll will soon be addind a feature to add uploaded pics on presentations(after the geustbooks begin working) so come back soon

  4. saraf897 Says:

    hey style_Magazine grate website i want all of you to check out mine http://www.stardoll.com/member/Saraf897 it’s cool you will see all my clothes and everything send me a friend request and vote for me

  5. lighteyes Says:

    love it its great

  6. suny567 Says:

    OMG I love Style Magazine! I am friends with Style_Magazine and omg she is AWESOME Keep up the good work! 😉

  7. Great ! i wreally love it ! great solution for the technical problems on stardoll ! Perfect !

  8. goodgal7 Says:

    your mag is so good!

  9. escimo200 [Dedictated Reader To Style Magazine] Says:

    I am a friend of Style_Magazine and I can not believe how much effort she puts into her wonderful magazine. I can not see any other magazine better than yours – truefully!
    I respect your keen and undying effort for this magazine and I am proud of you. You work so hard, and I hope you enjoy yourself!
    Other comments show that you are supported and loved. Obviously your magazine is a hit and everyone loves it – nobody can possibly hate it!
    Well, Thats All From Me! :]
    Well Done And GoodLuck, I Will Always Support You In This Magazine! :]

    Chloe [escimo200] xxx

  10. Tiffany Says:

    hey its me.i wanna join the club and subscribe to the mag.im tinkerbellteen on stardoll.

  11. eugenia-m Says:

    i love the magazine!!! i think that this is a great idea…
    ADD ME ON STARDOLL: eugenia-m

  12. Olivia Says:

    HEYY i rele like this magizene!! how can i subsribe 2 it?? and add me on stardoll ZAC_LOVER_02!!

  13. natural_girl11 Says:

    YoUr AuGuSt IsSuE iS fAb:-)
    I EsPeCiAlLy LIkE tHE AnTonIettE STORY
    AnD ThE Cg DiAriEs

  14. omg
    I love both issues I am big fan of the mag
    you are a very talented person ..
    very creative & nutral . I am amazed by these last two issues keep up the good work xx
    superstar2256 xx / Aisha

  15. Love ths mag. Can’t help myself. It’s fabulous.

  16. jenny32495 Says:

    comgrats on being recognized in the show!!!

  17. i*t*z*m_E Says:

    the Magazine is amazing .

  18. i*t*z*m_E Says:

    i love the Magazine its amazing

  19. darragh Says:


  20. darragh Says:

    hi my neme is darragh

  21. love it do u like it 🙂

  22. love it do u like it to if u do like it w.b pizzzzz 😉

  23. love it do u like it if u do like it w.b pizzz 😀

  24. lola_10_10 Says:

    i love style magizine it is great!

  25. this is a great magazine, its so kool, ill giuve u anything to teach me your techniques!!

  26. kayranil Says:

    hey gals I am kyra i love everything about style…but there is nothing in the stardoll shop…in this magazine, there is lots of cool things…corsets, shoes a few…are they come back to shop???I am designing my own bags and accesories about your personality…tell me what you love and I am gonna make a bag for u!!Just say it in guestbook…for cool tips come to my page…and style and makeup club pls!!!I love this magazine…midas look and romantic lingerie is specially…

  27. mhm_magazine Says:

    Keep up the great work!
    And congrats getting published in the Show!

  28. dancingqueen11 Says:

    Hey cool magazine. Good luck with it. You should do your own covergirl isuue! Haha! Please visit my Stardoll page, http://www.Stardoll.com/member/brainybillie

    Sorry, I dont know if I can put a link in there 😦

  29. meshomag Says:

    ugh i give up ive been trying to make a magazine but i cant…i just CANT

  30. swimsocks2 Says:

    I love it but how do you upload pictures of the dolls and the clothes etc?

  31. It is kinda the same as the august issue. 😐
    Try and mix things up a little.

  32. X-Piecesofme-X Says:

    Heya great magazine love it! x

  33. Vanessa*ROXZ Says:

    Congrats! I love the mag and this is so awesome!

  34. v.ball.goddess1 Says:

    hey love the magazine. so sad it doesn’t work on stardoll anymore!

  35. jhuyed Says:

    I loved reading your magazine! But I cant because they blocked out pictures
    I had graphics.girly do mine and it took her such a long time and now shes out of buisness *tear*

  36. mini-abercrombi Says:

    Wow, I’m Really Pleased That You Can Carry On Making The Magazine, Even If It Isn’t On Stardoll! Well Done, It Is A Really Good Magazine And Must Be Very Hard And Time-Consuming To Do x Well Done =] x

  37. vanessa Says:

    i love ur magazine!!

  38. xTURK Says:

    Wow! I really love this mag so much!

  39. Aliic3.X Says:

    I Liek It Sooooooooooo Much.X

  40. KELSEY aka KELSEY1234567 Says:


  41. mamitagirl8 Says:

    hi im mamita_girl8 from stardoll and ur mag is faboulus!

  42. Lauren aka Isabelle_Oreo Says:

    I luv ur mag!!!

    it sucks how stardoll blocked the pics!

  43. shopoholic4 Says:

    hey i love your magazine you should put some real fashion and a couple pages of it and then i will give this website to all of my friends.

  44. bep_freak Says:

    Wow! Absolutely Fabulouso! You have outdone yourself now!

  45. srstan Says:

    hey this srstan one of your millions of friends so here it is i am in love with the magazine one day you shud publish it on paper and make a deal and then it cud be like a real mag like girlfriend and dolly that wud be awsome keep rockin srstan

  46. chanelNo.5 Says:

    Vive la Style!

  47. welsh_witch Says:

    Tres Magnifique! That magazine dress is gorgeous. Who is The Model For the Piece On Office-Wear? XxX

  48. chachadancing Says:

    I Love Your Fashion,Cause ,It’s Fashion
    You Get The Looks And All Accecoaries It’s Perfect!
    I Love The Outfits!
    Fashion ❤
    It’s Fantastic!
    xoxo chachadancing

  49. Soni_Soy_Sonya Says:

    i love it and do u go on stardoll

  50. Soni_Soy_Sonya Says:

    my name on stardoll is Soni_Soy_Sonya so add me!

  51. TiientJ Says:

    The Best ❤

  52. _Lourdes_ Says:

    I Love Style Magazine!!!You have soo nice clothes on Stardoll!! My name on stardoll is _Lourdes_

  53. misSsSSsstrendy Says:

    luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. trokovic Says:

    You are the best hunnii!

  55. mailehilton Says:

    This is sow awesome i like the strucure and the rest
    LOVE IT!!!!

  56. Linds666 Says:

    Cool magazine can I join? My username is Linds666 on stardoll.

  57. Scottish*Chick Says:

    Fabulous, I’ve been a fan for a long time.

  58. Sofia Says:

    WOW. It’s fabilous! Just heard of it!
    Keep goiing guurl!x

  59. Glossed_cookie Says:

    W0W. It’s fabilous! Just heard of it!
    Keep goiing guurl!x

  60. zo*zo Says:

    i think its honestly great

  61. xxmcrxxx Says:

    woah cool where do you get those things of pictures from stardoll?

  62. Zanegirl90210 Says:

    Hey there great idea to publish the magazine elsewhere!

  63. PurtoRican_chic Says:

    ur magazine is great its sooooooo fashionable!

  64. Nathalie Says:

    How do you KNOW all these things??
    Awesome magazine!

  65. eugenia-m Says:

    i love the magazine!!! i think that this is a great idea…
    ADD ME ON STARDOLL: eugenia-m

  66. haley.a.k.a.makayla.haleyx3 Says:

    Very Informing!
    Love It!


  67. McKenna (CheerKenna) Says:

    I absolutely adore your magazine! The best on (or off) Stardoll–hands down! And yes, I put the clip of text and link into the “Ask Callie” section of The Voice. Thanks so much for an entertaining magazine like no other!


  68. Selena Says:

    wow this is a gr8 idea it is me sisimisi i joind your club=]and i think this is gr8 dont stop publishing it

  69. Vanessa Says:

    I like this Issue!

  70. _LiNnDdZz_x3 Says:

    hiiyaa hunniibunnii!x3
    OMG! i luv ur magazine!
    ttly gorgeous ‘n so stylish!

  71. Candy_lips123 Says:


  72. XxpinkypihmsxX Says:

    hey yall how do i join the club!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Isa Says:

    I still dont know how do you do it! But it is amazing!

  74. tweedledee95 Says:

    Wow! I love this magazine! It’s so awsome! My name is the same as my user name on stardoll, and i’m you’re friend on it!
    It’s too bad that stardoll blocked out pictures, but it’s awsome that you kept making them on here! Keep it up!

  75. tweedledee95 Says:

    P.S, I love reading each issue every month!! :>

  76. H Says:

    Congrats on the magazine. It is the best magazine.

  77. Pr3tTy_In_PInK Says:

    I love it…it’s fab!

  78. hhei... Says:

    Your magazine is great! <33

    I think u have a great scence of fashion!

    P.S. Ur stardoll account is great!!

  79. DaveysMoogle Says:

    Awesome magazine!

  80. Reese Says:

    That´s totaly cool and STYLE!!!!

  81. Love u Says:

    Reese can u give me your skype? Ou I like this page !

  82. That Girl x3 Says:

    I Yeah, magazine is awesome..but..
    I think Style_Magazine you need to be more like, helping others too, not just ask us to help you. I mean, you need to be more positive, and answer questions like ” What theme is gonna be next issue?”. But you never answer of that type of questions, or questions what people are interested. ‘Whenever you answer then you listen really serious and annoyed. It really freaks me out.

  83. Purple People Freakin Eater Says:

    OMG this mag is awesome guys!It is so exciting that you are actually published!!!!!!I cant wait to see the ones to come!!Peace to you all and au revoir!

  84. kirsti Says:

    heyah xx i love it it could use a bit more colour but its on its way !!!!

  85. Vogue-Times Says:

    I wish my mag was as good as yours, mine is Vogue-Times

  86. obsessmuch Says:

    hi there, we love your magazine and site and added you as a link!

  87. obsessmuch Says:

    I hope that you continue to publish new issues!

  88. loser_1127 Says:

    i loved reading your magazine,and i hope that it still continues.

  89. kellyzsis Says:

    plz check out my page

  90. kellyzsis Says:

    i love stardoll

  91. kellyzsis Says:

    holla back

  92. Newcat562 Says:


  93. anahifan Says:

    Boo back brooke hehe ! woohoo my moms buying me my own website so i can make magazines..my future dream job!~~ hehe wiii!!!:D

  94. reddemans Says:

    this is great!

  95. reddemans Says:


  96. idk Says:

    youre a such a great person and I love your personality

    and youre magazine is glorious

  97. cherrypopgirl10 Says:

    i loved your mag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it rocks

  98. SuPeRgIrLoChKa7 Says:

    Hi people!

  99. Belldrake Says:

    Great Mag…I love it …x I think you made a good job of it…x

  100. H3llok1tty1 Says:


  101. H3llok1tty1 Says:

    i like it

  102. darragh Says:

    like it

  103. darragh Says:

    like it!

  104. darragh Says:

    love it ::))

  105. darragh Says:

    love it

  106. darragh Says:


  107. darragh Says:

    love it 🙂

  108. darragh rocks Says:

    love it do u like it if u do w.b pizzzzzzzzzzz

  109. luckyJEEN Says:

    ui love it peace out

  110. Club_Star Says:

    I’m your biggest FAN!!! I’m glad you went to the WWW!!!

  111. lokomoco Says:

    hay i lov it its so cool and if you are looking at this go to my stardoll page and be my friend i give girts to my friends

  112. lokomoco Says:

    hay i lov it too and if you are looking at this then go too my stardoll page and be my friend i give gifts too my friends

  113. haravica Says:

    i-don have to tree

  114. an357 Says:

    Hey, I love your web site. Total style must read. I love all of the clothing you put on it. Well you know me on stardoll as an357.

  115. naenae0814 Says:


  116. vjestica Says:

    wauuu…so cool…
    I like it…
    it is…

  117. onetreehill625 Says:

    i subsribed on stardoll.com, and i joined the club.
    this is just SO amazing and awsome!!

  118. amandatabone Says:

    I love your magazine.

  119. fergiesgirl22 Says:


  120. Eg Says:

    Style H
    Style Ha
    Style Has
    Style Has D
    Style Has Do
    Style Has Don
    Style Has Done
    Style Has Done I
    Style Has Done It
    Style Has Done It A
    Style Has Done It Ag
    Style Has Done It Aga
    Style Has Done It Agai
    Style Has Done It Again
    Style Has Done It Again!

  121. yawn Says:

    I just love your mag!

  122. Brittnay Says:

    I like your magazine!

  123. chavettexx Says:

    i love style magazin u r like da most popular stardoll like omg!

  124. bree Says:

    I luv your mag even n stardoll you guys are da best!! I luv how you guys have interviews with Covergirls thats cool!!

  125. OanaFergie from stardoll Says:

    Please! I was scenery winner, album winner, 2nd place cg, 2nd place cg again, cg, acenery winner again and 5th place scenery winner! Can I have an interview??

  126. Areej Says:

    I love your magazine its amazing . Your really good you know you must really open your true magzine and sell copies for real!

  127. Areej Says:

    I would like to tell you that I’m a member from your club Style_Magazine . My username in stardoll is : Fashiongirl6 .
    – Areej

  128. ash Says:

    I like this magazine. You make an excellent effort.

  129. scar909 Says:

    hi ya style_magazine i cant believe stardolls made that for you bye bye i need tell you some bad news thow sorry its very good

  130. jojobags99 Says:

    lv it

  131. ioana Says:

    cool!very cool!

  132. jayjayjayne Says:


  133. mosky565 Says:

    call people go on my one i have a presentation fashion

  134. summer454 Says:

    kewl style!:D

  135. summer454 Says:


  136. ivory_hayden Says:

    I love stardoll!!!

  137. xxjustsophixx Says:

    kl style

  138. amy_lynn_leex2 Says:

    love this magazine!! i’m also in the club!! love stardoll!!!

  139. Lollipop.Poison Says:

    It’s a good idea but please just talk in normal language! I can’t understand half of what your saying!

  140. LaShally Says:

    Umm…this mag rox!

  141. Linds666 Says:

    I love your magazine, it’s great and each time it gets better and better. I hope you have time to check out my magazine.

  142. teo Says:

    hi name is teo, and I love your mag!

  143. hiutopor Says:


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  144. tolikutop Says:


    Very interesting information! Thanks!

  145. Amilla Says:

    Hey style_magazine. Your page is so fashionable & intresting =] Keep on doing your great jobs.

    Wuv ya ♥♥♥♥


  146. juicymagazineinc Says:

    It is the best!

  147. cutiepiez49 Says:

    OMG! your magazine is awesome! It is so much better than ‘The Show’ Please visit my stardoll suite, @ http://www.stardoll.com/member/cutiepiez49 and tell me what you think of it =]

  148. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  149. love the website and ur stardoll !

  150. Star_Awards Says:

    my business is better

  151. Kitty Says:

    U are the best magazine in stardoll!

  152. saracafofo Says:

    this is a great magazyne

  153. saracafofo Says:

    the articles are great ,great job, i love stardoll it’s a awesome site

  154. anneshopaholic Says:

    this is much better that callie magazine, I mean, they say it is callie magazine but it isnt a maazine at all, thi one is much better because it is actually like a real magazine, CONGRATS!

  155. fdihod Says:

    I think ur a bit selfish, and everything is about money. Btw photoshop much!!!

  156. pinkXXOO Says:

    hey i read your magizine on stardoll on the time its great and so is your suite thanks!


  157. WOW!! is this made by a stardoll user WITHOUT the help of stardoll????? AMAZING!! what interface is this used on? program?

  158. NINOnia Says:

    nice and realy casual clothes

  159. Ruchama Says:

    don’t like those clothes..=\

  160. hosanna Says:

    you have done again it is better then the superstar on TV

  161. Elisaveta1994 Says:

    Love the Feautre Story’s model’s haircut. Can you make the same for our star dolls?

  162. Jessica Says:

    Does anyone on Stardoll wanna sell their H&M belt?

  163. cansu00 Says:

    i love magazin

  164. HyperrBaba Says:

    Sotheweet magie.

  165. testingnewspaper Says:

    Really good. x
    This is my favourite July 2007.-x

  166. staybeautiful08 Says:

    I<33 this mag and ur stardoll page. evry1 add me im pepperx42 there

  167. rihanna_best_si Says:


  168. sosmagazine Says:

    way better than the current one!!!

  169. Mododistile (add me fashionettas! :D) Says:

    Its so different now, but the excellence stays strong!

    Buh bye!



  170. LOVEYAORNOT Says:


  171. maglicious Says:

    How can you make these graphics?

  172. Coolgirl2534 Says:

    I love this magazine. I’m glad Callie recommended us to read it in the show!!

  173. fashion_2020 Says:

    Amazing Magazine!

  174. loolol Says:

    thats a gucci belt not h&m

  175. Stardoll123 Says:

    how do u make those medolls but posing and stuff..? is it a special program?

  176. you could have an awesome blog here! would you like to make some invite posts on my blog?

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