June/July, 2008


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  1. Melissa54321 Says:

    Great Great job!! Yeah Isabella!!

  2. Supa_Chick4 Says:

    Amazing Issue! ❤

  3. flipflop8906 Says:

    its GREAT

  4. glamour1 Says:

    Truly an amazing and inspiring issue. You have yet again swept us away, Style_Magazine.

  5. hhei... Says:

    Wow, great pictures! I have to read it still, but I know it’s going to be a pleasure to read it!

    Lots of Love, Catie.

  6. flipflop8906 Says:

    Not to be rude, but Ivory is not a very fashoniable thing because it means killing poor incocent elephants. But, I guess some people would think differently.. But I still love your mag, no matter what.

  7. Heidi-di Says:

    Great issue Style
    love it love it love it
    i think i’ll be reading it all the night over and over!!!

  8. flipflop8906 Says:

    I am almost done reading it, and so far the writers are doing a wonderful job!

  9. Hunnigall Says:

    Yet another stunning issue – Congratulations Style, You’ve done it again – I’m speechless!

  10. retrosketchblog Says:

    LOL, So lame

  11. Abi Pettitt Says:

    Thank you Stle for this amazing issue, and the chance of the lifetime. I love Emma’s article and Isabella’s well-thought out interview, she certainly isn’t just another “elite”.

  12. FashionNODY Says:

    Its Perfect

  13. retrosketchblog Says:

    Oh Isa looks great! But style magazine is sooooo boring, I stare at the pictures, and say “NICE” and I dont say, oh thats interesting me to the fullest!

  14. xxLLISSAA @ Stardoll.com Says:

    I’m actually really impressed with this one. I know the May edition I wasn’t satisfied, but I have to say that now I’m back to reading and having an interest.
    Isabella.Arci is an amazing person to pick for the cover; this edition is fun and really great for the senses. As someone who writes, I think you’ve got talent and alot sense in the fashion world.. Great job!

  15. Edda(Agy.Deyn) Says:

    Truly outdone yourself Style!Amazing!This is the best issue by far!
    Love as Always(+a martini with vodka shots!)

  16. x Says:

    Does anyone actually READ this? Or do they just look at the pictures?

    Cause this magazine is the most hugely, grossly overrated magazine in all of Stardoll.

    • sue Says:

      i totally agree. i just looked at pics 😉 the author has no life….sorry its true!!!
      very gross and overrated!!!!!! very baroke…..!

  17. Bossysha Says:




  18. mailbox342 Says:

    This is an amazing issue. I say it is the best one so far. Bravo! But I do agree with Audry. (flipflop8906) Ivroy is not fashoniable because i like eleaphates! But any way I still LOVE IT!

  19. Nina Says:

    flipflop… WHAT! Chill out for god’s sake! Ivory these days is a COLOUR!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t believe some people are not embarassed to admit that they don’t even have the attention span to read a few lines of FASHION text… Sad! The least you can do is make an effort, for god’s sake!…It is not that difficult!

  21. agmodels Says:

    Can i be the next covergirl?
    I am Mik-Ma on stardoll!

  22. Fran97cesca Says:

    Loved it!
    Awesome as usual! Congrats to you Isabella!

  23. lola Says:

    amazing issue!!!just perfect!!!

  24. Sd-model_agency Says:

    Beautiful,Well Done Style! You Impressed Us Agian!

  25. Tres.Chic.x3 Says:

    Style, you continue to amaze us.

    ♥Alice, Lily & Belle

  26. Roseluna Says:


    I am new reading this……, very cool.

    I like a lot!!!

  27. clea807 Says:

    Another couple of things from i-dressup.com

  28. ashley Says:

    Kool! Isabella rocks!

  29. rockchicka Says:

    I have been waiting sooo long! And now I know why!

  30. verrry verrrrryyy niiiice, i like ze isabella artiiicle.

  31. mechteld2 Says:

    this is the best issue so far

  32. Styleyy Says:

    I love it ! 🙂

  33. kiwi-kid Says:

    amazing, you have a very impressing magazine!

  34. haute_couture11 Says:

    well done style.

  35. eva19 Says:

    well done girls.great isuuse!

  36. Emily Says:

    I actually don’t read much of the text, just some. I think the pictures are better. They do say that a picture says more than a thousand words. Thanks though for beautiful pictures.

    MichelleHermon on StarDoll.

  37. couturefashionmag Says:

    i think it was an alright issue!

  38. Ninuca Says:

    that’s amazing! u’ve got a style!

  39. Crystal Says:

    it is special:)

  40. Nur Hanis Says:

    join this it is going to be fun:)

  41. clarissima91 Says:

    Very interesting issues, I just love this magazine 🙂

  42. Firstly I’m all but glad to see Isabella on the cover! Isabella!!!! Urgh. I guess I’m nothing more than an obsessed fan. *Sigh*

    I enjoyed reading through your fashion filled aritcles.

    Congratulations Style Magazine.

    More power!


  43. x Says:

    To the first Anonymous,

    Excuse me for not being some mindless sheep who just worships Style because she’s some “elite”.

  44. Crissforkiss Says:

    Amazing!Where did you find these dolls?

  45. LC01 Says:

    Amazing issue. Excellent job. My favorite out fit was the Vintage Bob Bugnand dress and the Vintage Versace dress.

  46. explosiongosia Says:

    Graphics Keep On Getting Better And Better! Go Style!

  47. Saimah (miss.couture) Says:

    Well done Style on yet again another great issue! I a deeply impressed! And congratulations Isabella :]

    Keep up the good work!

    Saimah X

  48. this mag rawks!!
    big ups 4 isabella!

  49. Francie (franfech) Says:

    Style, this was amazing! Fabulous job! Isabella had an awesome interview and the articles were WONDERFUL! Great job!

  50. starlifemag Says:

    Check out a cool new stardoll magazine at starlifemag.wordpress.com

  51. Candydreamer Says:

    Once again Style, you have outdone yourself producing yet another amazing issue. I think Isabella was by far the perfect choice for covergirl and I completely adored the ‘V is for Versace’ artical, it was beautifully written. Well done Style, keep up the good work!
    With Love,

  52. jhuyed Says:

    Loved it. Keep up the great work 🙂

  53. *zoezoezoe* Says:

    Style_Magazine, has inspired so many people, through graphics and text! I especially loved the article wrote my Emma Holloway ‘Grecian Goddess’. And don’t get me started on the talented writers Nina and Abi.
    I love Abi’s attitude to the magazine, you can see her love and effort which she has put into the magazine itself!
    Style_magazine [Sorry I don’t know your real name, It feels rude to call you that.] Once again you have stunned us all. And this issue has been far the best, along with my favourite Style Magazine covergirl.
    Isabella’s Interview was the best ever by far, She is so down-to-earth and beautiful in everyway. I was wondering when she was going to appear in one of these magazines. Congratz Isa. =D
    Well Thanks for another amazing issue of Style magazine for me to endour.
    P.S I love the picture with Isabella and the Lion, It had a strgon meaning behind it.
    Love Zoe. xxx

  54. *zoezoezoe* Says:

    Gee!! That was quite a long comment I sent there! ❤

  55. anouch10 in stardoll Says:

    Hey !!

    How You make a doll with ?

  56. meh Says:

    I’m not just saying this because I have a soon-to-be running magazine, but fashion is not all about what designer label it belongs to. Do they tell you the names of the people who made it?

    I honestly despise designers like Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle. Designing is not just putting a few letters onto a hoodie.

    I think if you want to see real designing, go to http://www.newyorkcouture.com. They may not be totally wearable, but these people actually have talent, and don’t use sweatshops. These are the designers I would like to work for.

    And, as for the articles, do you not think that there are some more important issues that you should address? Like, for instance, a public apology for the copyright infringement? And the scammers who are trying to sell people hotbuys that are coming back in again next month?

    Sorry for any offense, this was more or less aimed at the mindless sheep here on stardoll.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Nice issue, I think it’s best so far, and I admire that way you handle the I-dressup ”scandal”, just ignoring it, and making the best issue ever, and showing everyone how talented you all are.
    Congratulations for another wonderful issue!

  58. Tiff Says:

    Great Job,Love Them All,Cant Wait Untill The Next Issue!

  59. Sofija Says:

    Im impressed of your new issue. Well done.

    And Isabella..welcome back !

  60. blank Says:

    Not as good as April…

  61. Patriciamalove Says:

    Only liked the pictures.

  62. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Whoopty-Doo! Its pretty good but style, do you know how many more readers you would attract if you actually contected with your readers, instead of being so stuck up that they dont even want to read the long articles, but stare at the pics? Your mag is only bout pics, not fashion 😦 Im not hating but it could use some work…

  63. .PaulineX3 Says:

    wonderful as usual, Isabella is a true covergirl and she deserves it.

  64. xgahannahxx3 Says:

    great issue! very well put together!

  65. If it wasn’t Versace this magazine July/June isn’t special…

  66. oh_yeh_* Says:

    I love the interview with Isabella. It’s so inspiring and inciteful! x

  67. I’m Speechless,
    Its Amazing. (:

  68. Design_Louise Says:


  69. I loved reading the V is for Versace article it was really good!!! Another amazing brilliantly produced magazine! It’s a shame i couldn’t read it all becasue some of the articles wouldn’t show but i will check back to finish reading it!


  70. Hey there im a member of stardoll and saw your page. The magizine is incredible. I was wondering if we could possibley connect on stardoll and chat. i would love to here your ideas and am curious how you made the magizine. Add me as one of ur friends if you can.

    Thanx 4 your time, dancergirl41567

  71. CerenityRain Says:

    I loved your city picks. Actually I loved everything. I really liked the lion picture. It was good but I think I liked the April/ May one better. Isabella, you are so lucky to look so gorgeous on a really amazing magazine, and welcome back!

  72. explosiongosia Says:

    Bummer! No New Style Magazine For 2 Months?

  73. ayuweasley94 Says:

    Great job! I love this issue! I almost done reading it,keep up the good work! 🙂

  74. cbrookes Says:

    What an amazing issue, it really interested me and i was exstatic on how wonderfull the pictures were.

  75. Shelby_2007 Says:

    It’s amazing, but the Stardoll users do not look like themselves. They don’t look like users really do. It takes the fun out of it. But it’s still really good.

  76. iloveyouuxx3 Says:

    i love versace and i am so glad you put it in this months issue!!

    it was great!!

  77. aww i love it. Really chick (:

  78. Congratulations! I love this issue (:
    Isabella’s interview is amazing. She truly is the most amazing , stylish person 😀 Well written Nina!
    I also loved the Ahoy Sailor article! I am a fan of the style!
    Thanks for an amazing issue! Once again , Well done!
    -Ruth. `♥

  79. cute_deizi Says:

    I love it!
    It’s truly inspiring and i love Isabella’s interview and pics, especially with the lion. It’s so cute and the dress is so stunning!
    All the best for the future,Style!


  80. xChanel05 Says:

    Thank you so much for finally having a good covergirl.
    Isabella is truly a nice person who actually has style.

  81. sam1808 Says:


  82. well done, truly spectacular, as always.

  83. wowzyyyyy52 Says:

    Amazing, yet again.

  84. While I did not love it, i was definitly your best issue so far.

  85. radiotigre Says:

    Woah, you’ve got mad skillz!

  86. zollie101 Says:

    Omg! How do you do that with the positions ?? 🙂

  87. a reader Says:

    Ever noticed how in EVERY magazine with an interview, style always interveiws a so called “elite”? Be original and pick someone whos style you like but isnt the most well known on stardoll!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Gema. Says:

    Best issue eva

  89. Amanda Says:

    I know how lots of people hate on you for stealing stuff from i-dressup but you have to give her credit shes really good at making those pics

  90. Audreyhep4 Says:

    I am in love.

    Once again, I am blown away.

  91. Puppy Says:

    I can’t wait for teenSTYLE! I can gauruntee Style will become a pro magazine one day and I’d be your top reader! lol
    xxx Puppy
    a.k.a Jessica
    username: JKAT1

  92. lovelymanners Says:

    I don’t like your magazine alot of times but this was a very good issue. It’s your best yet but I still get bored at times. I’m not hating but it still has it’s boring parts.
    I hope TEENStyle will not be so boring.

  93. Perez Says:

    Blah. But Isa is beautiful!

  94. stardollzene Says:

    Oh that was fantastic! I especially loved the article about Isabella! The one about Gianni was great too, but I’m partial to Isabella myself. I loved it! Keep up your incredible work!

  95. lolo299 Says:

    This is great!
    I printed out some pictures from these magazines including fakeshake3. I love how you changed the styler of the magazine from 2008. keep up the great job!

  96. Snapple2 Says:

    I am sad to say that I was not really satisfied with this issue,Isabella looks Gorgeous on the cover but the rest of it looked like it was just one of the other issues,just changing the words.Hope the next issue will be different….

  97. ello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yo magazine rockz ass..me and my baby were like awesome…she can talk but she’ll learn…

  98. me Says:

    i wanna be a superstar email me at popprincess218

  99. Westgirl Says:

    Hey Style and all others participaters in this magazine!

    This was an amzing issue and has been very exciting to read! To be honest i was getting really upset because of the delays and am also very upset now because i couldn’t read it all (my darn computer!) Lol anyway congratulations this issue is another great sucess (as always) =] xxxx.

  100. mystylemag Says:

    That’s soo cool!!

  101. WMA_agency Says:

    erm.. as allways very good but all i enjoyed was looking at the pictures soory this wasn’t your best issue.

  102. Xtra Says:


  103. kanyeluverxoxo Says:

    Hey, gorgeous magazine. I am a manager of the magazine PoiseMagazine.x and I was wondering if you could show us some of your tricks to help us get started. Thanks, I really appreciate it!

  104. bya_yab Says:


    I never saw an magazine with so much style and glamour… I love it!


  105. WOW!!!! This is truely amazing!! How do you get the clothes from i-dressup and stardoll onto your models?

  106. GKatrin Says:

    Amazing, sooo Amazing, can’t believe it!!
    Good job! 10|10
    Ps How Do You Do The Pictures?? Stunning.

  107. stardollstardoll Says:

    luv ur mag! once again you’ve amazed us with your info, style, and grace. Well done Style_Magazine!

  108. ANDREYCH Says:


  109. sweetiepieyaz Says:

    This magazine is just so..amazing!! You blew us away once more Style.

  110. LOVEYAORNOT Says:

    You always do the people that dress like they are 40. You need to pick some clothes that are colorful and youthful. To tell you the truth I don’t like this issue one bit. I think it is boring and dull. Every issue is the same.

  111. fashionnbible Says:

    This edition is great! I love versace, the nautical summer fashion, and Isabella Arci is my friend – she is fresh, natural and real, not like other elites. I also loved the Godess article.
    I have a tip: a lot of designers like Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuiton are using flowers for their collections. The trend is also on Stardoll. There are a lot of florals this season!

  112. modelemag Says:


  113. Sarah Says:

    Wonderful issue, I especially enjoyed the Vacation guide.
    As I am going on vacation very soon I always start to think about what i will take and with your help I will now know exactly what I will be taking. Thanks! 🙂 Well done, looking forward to the next issue.

  114. Hey Check out my magazine !

  115. mia.m Says:

    WOW gsreat job i love it

  116. bcjsca Says:

    heyY!! wazz gud! yeah this is kinda b0ring! try adding some secti0ns teens accually LIKE!!! kk? jus a lil advice, yaya!! BCJSCA out!!!

  117. sabrina127 Says:

    awesome and cool magazine

  118. ..pretty. Says:

    Hey it’s Shaniqua_roxs from UniqueMagazine and UniqueModeling here.I’m just dropping by to say that this magazine is thee best besides Eternity Mag.If i were to compare it to Eternity Mag i’d say that Style Mag wins!!!!!!!I ABSOLUTLEY love it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mkay….Ilove Style Mag!

  119. With no spelling mistakes at all, extraordinary well-done graphics, with no visible cuts, anyone who would say that there’s a Stardoll magazine better than Style Magazine would embarass himself. This magazine is the number one magazine of Stardoll and if it keeps up like this it will stay so,you cannot deny it. Perfect text and perfect graphics only Style Magazine has. Well done. Although, it would be better if there were articles in a friendlier tone and wrote in a way to entertain the younger ones on Stardoll, don’t you think so?

  120. I have to say this Mag Kicks but! I totallly love it! could i be a model in one of the next issues?
    – Mileycyris21400 of stardoll

  121. natalecka777 Says:

    fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Sd-Wedding Says:

    Lovely! You Had Outdone Us Agian Style! Congradutions!

  123. Ellie Says:

    This is amazing! How do you do those pictures?

  124. Ellie Says:

    I like Eternitys texts more, but Style magazines PICS ARE SO GOOD! How do you make them?

  125. LOVEYAORNOT Says:

    It’s ohkay.

  126. pinky... Says:

    i only like to look at the pictures but everyone tells me the writing is good. i like the makeup on the girl in the yellow versace dress. the verst V. pic.

  127. Me! Says:

    Too long. Every issue of Style Magazine has really long articles and get really boring after awhile.

  128. V.Good.

  129. LadyBelly of stardoll Says:

    i speak english so bad so i will talk in french.
    Ton site est très intéressant car il parle bien des tendances actuelles et les marques du moment “versace” par exemple.Je ne sais pas comment tu t’y est prise pour les photos mais en tout c’est très divertissant d’autant plus que les “models” sont très jolis
    Bonne continuation i luv it!!lol

  130. abchannahw Says:

    luv ur mag!!!!!

  131. Kimmycat91 Says:

    This magazine was soo awesome!

  132. Kateh Says:

    I dont thing you should put animal fashions
    like ivory and fur and stuff

  133. millymou Says:

    i think it was good. Isabella is just amazing so it worked. i still think that the magazine is just a tad boring in parts..

  134. Iceskater65 Says:

    This magazine is very inspiring to me. Although many disagree, I feel that the world of style is perfectly expressed. I adore the whole magazine and cannot wait for teenSTYLE a moment longer. 🙂 I loved the article “V” Is For Versace. It really inspired me to go out and buy a Versace dress. Keep up the good work Style_Magazine, Dont isten to alll those wannabe haters :))


  135. fruita1837 Says:

    I truly love this magazine. I must say that your editing is amazing, and with great stories to boot.

  136. Heyaa chick`.
    How do you get your pics with those
    awesome dolls? Tell me how too
    get them. Is there a website??

  137. im thinkin of starting my own magazine but with whole of diffrent idea

  138. Style Fan Forever Says:

    Style Magazine although some say that she copies bodys, hair, clothes…

    So what?
    What the hell is your problem? You couldnt do better, could you?

    Style is amazing!
    So back off !

    Stardoll cant live with STYLE magazine!

    It is the best magazine ever!

  139. MsHannah Says:

    who did these dolls?

  140. Fia ( Fia_fantasy ) Says:

    Wow! It is nice . But I don’t usually read the articles. (sorry) I’m more interested looking at the graphics. 🙂

  141. Selena Says:


    Love The Magazine! Really Good This Issue!

    How Do You Make It?

  142. valerii Says:

    hei imm the fan 1 of this magazzine:)
    i would like to work for it haha and you
    should do one in real life

  143. Oiji Says:

    Hey babe x
    Im not going to lie your magizine is rather amazing I just think you should try and put more afordable clothes in your elite magizine and an idea for a future cover is to perhaps choose a non superstar for the cover someone with a story minis one about them saying Im not in the so called elite blahh blahh and throwing in a few fancy words its not want we want to read we wanna read about normal person you should hold a competion !
    Anyways I hope you have the time to read this thanks
    Oiji x

  144. DramaQueen.x Says:

    Really Nice Job !

  145. jessica Says:

    omg this magazine is awesome! i luv how there is clothes from roiworld and stardoll cuz i love both of those sites.

  146. samantha Says:

    this is such an amazing mag i cant wait for the augast issue

  147. red_lolipops Says:

    Nice o0o0o

  148. . Says:

    Hey Style! you guys have by far the best magazine out there! I can see how youve taken some parts from some stardolls, and I think thats a very smart technique!!! I could only wish my magazine I am working on could be as good as yours! join my club for my magazine its called insidestarrdoll…anyways, you rock, style!!!! 100% awesome!

    felysmelly12345 on stardoll

  149. Olivia Says:

    I’m wondering how do you make an actual magazine and all the graphics can i ask? P.s i love the site

  150. luxurymagazine Says:

    Bad magazine. Good graphics. I don’t read anything.
    So it’s like shit to me. Except the pictures.

  151. hello sorry to say but the magazne is a bit weird

  152. Jarnai Says:

    cnt wait till teen style comes out (1st August)!!!

  153. chappy3 Says:

    This is GReAt!!!

  154. chappy3 Says:



  155. Very Nice!

    I’m amazed at the detail and Flair, that you have shown.

    Style Magazine surely wont be beaten..
    And for Teen Style, it will be Famous!

  156. Anonymous Says:

    I really like the magazine! I might open one like it.

  157. OoO-Jessica-OoO Says:

    wow, utterly awome.

  158. NicoleMarie17x3 Says:

    i personally do not think this is good.

  159. Amanda Says:

    I agree with NicoleMarie17x3 I just looked at the pictures. Also, Why do all the models look like they think their hot?

  160. lolo299 Says:

    This is the best online magazine I ever seen, for now. Does anyone else think that you could do better? I think not! he he. But if they do, msg me on stardoll. my username is lolo299. write in my gb only.

  161. raiche Says:

    I love it!I`m looking at the picks and This is Great!I love The Whole Magzine!Great work!

  162. . Says:

    Hi!! I love your magazine as always. I find the fashions fab but I think the ivory thing is not cool but still I love your mag!! =]

  163. gypsy_12(stardoll) Corinn Says:

    I have to agree with some of the other girls on this one…the pictures are awesome, but I mean…who wants to read ALL of that stuff!! It just seems sad cause like, you must put so much work in the writing and NOBODY is going to read it!

  164. black84 Says:

    Really great…the pictures are awesome but to be honest,I didn’t do much reading…I’ts just too much…

  165. I think it’s good, but to overly-sophisticated. You use a lot of VERY unusually sounding words.

  166. No Offence, But Your Magazine bores me. I fell asleep coz i got so bored. I thought you were style, not borle.

  167. I love looking at the pictures..they are amazing, however this magazine is way too sophisticated. Most of us on stardoll are teenagers. and we want to read about style but it ends up being a magazine for like 25 yearolds. Its not fun or based for most stardoll members. its too grown up and sometimes just a bore. Good for you if you like to read and know all those big words but most magazines are easy reads that are witty and fun open to all types of aduiences.

  168. GossipGirl Says:

    Am I the only one that knows that Isabella ALREADY WAS a Style covergirl? Style interviewed her for the August 2007 Covergirl Diaries. Find some new girls.

  169. C0Rii.R0X Says:

    Why do you only have Elites as cover girls and have the same boring fashionista girls in the magazine? A lot more people than just the fashionista elites read this magazine and you make it seem they are the only ones on Stardoll that matter. You suck Style_magazine.

  170. lilila12 Says:

    Very Cool!! But it seems soooo long! I like short n catchy.

  171. What is it with you people?

    I am 11 years old and enjoy reading these articles. It is a proper magazine, like Elle or Vouge. Not some kiddish gossip-filled rubbish.

    So what if she copied some hair? She still actually put the pieces together to create a stunning outfit.

    From Ashley (haute_couture11)

    I hope some of you will grow up.

  172. yasmin Says:

    hey great issue definately the best stardoll magazine i lkuv ur magazine n u hav great talenyte keep it up
    lots of luv
    yasmin xoxo [yaz160795]

  173. lolo299 Says:

    Hey, Cant wait for the August issue! When is it coming out?

  174. freyaxfreya Says:

    Gorgeous, you know I wrote to Donatella about two years ago, I got a signed autograph back from her saying “To Freya Love Donatella, xx”

    Haha lovely, kisses

    Mwahh X

  175. Excellent post. good luck.

  176. Shantea101 Says:

    Hi there. I am Shantea101. It is my plesure to ask if anyone could help me out here and tell me what this whole thing is about? BTW, this is a very boring mag.

  177. mymagazine123132 Says:


  178. tiatulip Says:

    Hey, this is tiatulip from Stardoll. Love this issue to bits. As good as mags like Eternity and the no-longer-there Envy. Really, Stardoll ought to be proud that users have created these fantastic magazines and published them.

  179. Lizzi95 Says:

    Great work!

    (Who’s intrested for a Pink Hot Buy Top?)

    Contact me : Lizzi_95

  180. Fantabulistic!
    This is deffinatly the best issue!
    Well done =)
    Sian xx

  181. fabulous Says:


  182. Starcaroldoll Says:

    It’s pretty!

  183. Nikki Says:

    Amazing issue!

  184. Missy_1999 Says:

    Wow Visit Me On Stardoll: Missy_1999

  185. Hmm.... Says:

    an article about a member in what is supposed to be a proffessional magazine? Erm, NO!

  186. Couture_girl Says:

    Wow! Totally amazing! How did you do those positions? Those dolls look way more realistic here than on stardoll!

  187. MissSharpay. Says:

    D’oh. It’s awesome. I wish I could be in your magazine.

  188. lolo299 Says:

    When is the August issue comign out?
    its all ready the 20th!
    Did you quit it. or something?
    fakeshake3 doesnt go on stardoll no more. why not?

  189. shopingluversmag Says:

    Thats so cool please visit mine Shopping Lovers Magazine 🙂 For more info contact me as kaylee-1999 on stardoll

  190. M Says:

    Where is your august issue??

  191. Kristina Says:

    Wow That Was Truly Ah-Mazing…I Wil Def Go Out & Try And Find That Versace Dress….Great Job…All Yhur Issues Are Truly Ah-Mazing!


    Add Muh On Stardoll Girlies

    I Am K_Girl_Rocks

  192. Sally Elizabeth ox Says:

    I loved it espeicialy the section on Gianni Versace.
    Versace is one of my favourite brands so I was entriqued.
    I also loved the Alberta Ferretti dresses, I’ve seen them on star doll but didn’t know they were them.
    Another gob smacking issue hun.
    Many more to come I hope.

  193. Amazing mag!!! Love it 🙂

  194. Lvz Says:

    i like style teen betta

  195. so*rich Says:

    Hey sweetie, just thought i’d say i love love love the graphics on the mag. so fierce!
    keep it up.

  196. angie Says:

    cool cool i just found out bout the web!!!!!

  197. shopingluversmag Says:

    Im sorry but, i can’t be bothered to read it, my computer says it has over 100 pages deifly not enogh time due i have to relise my first issue for my magazine, i looked at some pictures i saw that you copied i-dressip.com but anyways how did you get stardoll people to pose like that answer in my g.b at kaylee-1999


  198. sheshe_08 Says:

    loved your magazine
    keep it on

  199. Freakygeinusgrl Says:

    Amazing. Keep up the good work.
    i wish i could be in your magazind

  200. Critical Says:

    Yes, it`s good graphics, excellent in fact, but most girls will not be bothered to read all that – however fashion-forward and well written it may be. I did enjoy reading that, but to a certain extent: at times it appeared too professional and predictable. It`s a fun read at some points, but not original. It`s not a gripping or exciting read at any points, I`m afraid, but excellent graphics.

  201. Maril.Monroe Says:

    it’s Sara and Lara we thought we should check out a little Style Magazine to take us back its gone down hill terribly we are very ashamed.
    we were never on the cover though we deserved it none of these cough cough losers did.
    Were doing very well and hope none of you have forgotten us please keep visiting our stardoll page wonderfully looked after by ellie (FakeShake3).
    We were always the best of the elite and still are HaHa.

    Hasta la vista from the most fashionable twins alive Sara & Lara xx

  202. aggiebabe Says:


  203. jammy8888 Says:

    Add me!
    –x thanks x–
    P.S No Boys I’ll deny you–x
    I ♥ the mag!
    Love the Versace!
    Thanks for yet anoter great issue!

  204. OoO-Jessica-OoO Says:


  205. pickalittle Says:


  206. rossomagazine Says:

    cool magazine Love it
    please look look at mine

  207. BORING! Says:

    This is so boring. Who even wants to read about this?

  208. WOW! what an amazing magazine! I won’t deny that the first i heard of Style_Magazine was in the stardoll burn book and i must admit i was scepitical, but this magazine is fantastic! I love fashion and its nice to see a stardoll based fashion magazine that stays true to fashion and avoids getting wrapped up in aimless stardoll gossip. A refreshing change, beautifully written and artfully created. Love, Luella x

  209. Oh style! youve done it again..it`s good graphics

  210. holdmasha Says:

    Hi ! i am masha !
    pleas add me cg !
    i have nise camer !!!!

  211. Rikki DUH Says:

    Love it!! 😀

  212. :D Says:

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!!!!!!!!

  213. star-loll Says:

    love it!!!!!

  214. Julie Says:

    Wow. Your country ideas… NO. I see NO blue jeans. It’s impossible to wear heels in the country, and that includes wedges. And you can’t ride a horse in a skirt. Don’t believe what the movies show you, kid. EVer. Sunglasses would get lost in half a milisecond, and if you try to approach an animal with that clinky jewelry, they’ll either trample you or throw you off. And that ring is too expensive-looking to wear out. And I’m not even going to tell you my opinions on the dress.

  215. Gawjus_Gal_07 Says:

    Absoloutey Fabulous!!

  216. annalli Says:

    This magazine is fabulous! It is the best magazine I have read yet! It’s so informative with great graphics. Thank you for all your hard work! It was well worth it!

  217. Ellie Says:

    It ok.. but i dont really like it

  218. brunaregina97 Says:


  219. JudyGarland. Says:

    Nice but a bit boring.

  220. aceclefto19@stardoll.com Says:

    You are very talented and the pics are AMAZING if you do a REAL magazine (which i hope you do) than i would sooooo buy it
    Keep on Writing

  221. springcreekmagazine Says:

    How do you make your graphics?

    p.s. I’m not going to copy

  222. jammy8888 Says:

    where is the new ish? :S

  223. mako Says:

    is it June or July now where is the new magazine ??? the last one isn’t as interesting as previous ones

  224. Lein5 Says:

    Which program do I need to open this magazine?? I can`t see anything on my computer..? Please help..

  225. HAHAHA! Says:


  226. Melanie Says:

    This is really nice, I like it.

  227. WATEVA! Says:

    Dis Stuff is SH!T

  228. Coolio. Says:

    This is great! How do you make the pictures?

  229. I can’t believe how many people would use foul language like some of the people above me.

    It is rude and unexceptionable. Although I consider style a rival, I honestly have to say that you have a fantastic magazine, with great features and articles and exceptionally good graphics. Well done. It is great.

    So if you’re one of the jealous people like WATEVA! and others, you’re just embarrassing yourself, as we all know you’re just jealous. Style, my advice is to ignore.

  230. Emma Thompsson Says:

    This magazine is very delightful. I enjoyed it very much, however what happened to all the issues after this one. Why haven’t you been making anymore? I would suggest to do so, for Eternity Magazine is leaving Style in the dust. I know that this is a upsetting thing to hear, but I am afraid that it is nothing more than true.

  231. jammy8888 Says:

    im not being mean. Im just wondering where the new issue is, because this is from 2008. Im really confused, because there should be at least 1 more magazine. But tbh, i really do like the magazine, its amazing what you can do with a computer and software.

  232. covergirlmagazinee Says:

    What’s the program you use for this?

  233. Anna Says:

    love the lion !

  234. jubilee Says:

    welll i got hacked and i am so pissed…. i want to know how to hack so i can hack my acount back can you please help me?? well my e-mail is jubilee_brennan@yahoo.com…. if you want to help me…..

  235. Lala Says:

    Your graphics still kick ass!

  236. ;) Says:


  237. Ellie_Kayx username for stardoll Says:

    wow ! this is amazing ! how do you make this ?

  238. :) Says:

    I like the outfits, but the sentences are to lond, and there aren`t any paragraphs, making it hard to read.

  239. The Tea House Says:

    Loving your work.
    The Tea House

  240. Haha, this is such a funny magazine, all it has is elite crap inside of it. It’s so fucking retarded, that I couldn’t even read two words.

    Psh, and all you shallow “elite” retards… please, just get a life.


    Oh, wait, I’m sorry, what you are about to hear is extremely bad news:

    Now stop acting all rich; like you’re better than the rest.

  241. BruninhaH97 Says:


  242. cutieneta Says:

    A little short but I loved it! =)

  243. Esmee Says:


  244. Shayna Says:

    What is Isabella’s username? I would like to visit her Stardoll page.

  245. Evie_is_Kool Says:

    Short, But i Love all the Posing!

  246. I ♥ this magazine. Beautiful, ah-mazing & creative. Keep it up!

    ♥ Alicia

    – Search: AliciaRivers

  247. stardollvainmag Says:

    Excellent, I love it,. I am starting my own magazine. Can’t wait to finish it.


  248. Lily Rose Says:

    I didn’t read one word…
    Loved the graphics.

  249. NA Says:

    Nice issue, although some of the outfts are not well put together, namely the miley dress. The bolero is all wrong for it, as is the scarf. Another thing that annoyed me- you NEVER match eyeshadow to your outfit. You completely messed that up. But overall, good magazine.

  250. ashantiboostardoll Says:


  251. joy funkygurl Says:

    i love this mag! im funkygurl on stardoll and im in the club style magazine!

  252. EVIL_BUNNIE Says:

    hey thats like amazing and reaally talented

  253. jhenna Says:

    how do you do the covers and could i help with anything.!!

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