March, 2008


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  1. x.vero.x Says:

    Love it! So stylish and fab!

  2. how do you get these gorgeous hair and makeup it is great

  3. oh_yeh_* Says:

    This is stunning! i love it

  4. oh_yeh_* Says:

    And i love the dress stylemagazine you have a true talent!

  5. finny91 Says:

    omg, i love it , it is really amazing how she does that!

    i would love to run my own magazine!

    btw, visit ma page , im finny91ยฌ

  6. Audreyhep4 Says:

    Style. Everything is great. Congratulations on everything. You deserve it.

  7. xxLLISSAA Says:

    You’ve outdone yourself. Speachless.
    Congrats to Sudanese.Beauty for a wonderful cover!

  8. Ahh.
    Once Again,
    You nailed it.
    Congrats to Style_Magazine and Kaya Richards.
    Great Cover and Read, You never disappoint me! :]

  9. rodoalph Says:


  10. You did A Fabulous Job Darling, we Done!

  11. Musyyy [Martha] Says:

    Amazing Issue!!! Congratulations.

  12. Whoops! I meant to Say Daisy_meadows!

  13. B-dayqueen Says:

    WOW! Sooo cute ๐Ÿ˜‰ I luv it!!!!!!!>>>>> It is cute!! I would luv 2 run dat.. heck.. I might make one!! lol. Just Kidding.. luv u giiz also visit b-dayqueen… lol.

  14. Brianne Says:

    l like it, but l liked your Febuary issue alot better. lt’s great though! Keep up the good workd!

  15. xxdrivebylove Says:

    This issue is absolutely amazing. Flawless. Gorgeous. There are so many words to explain it with, it might be the best one yet.

  16. Runawayluv95 Says:

    Oh my lord,
    daring this is fabulous,
    You are so talented i mean really great work,
    I enjoyed it a lot I was thinking of making a magazine but its pointless when you are the competition! haha


    B r o o k e M o r g a n

  17. oh_yeh_* Says:

    I would love to be Kaya Richards Right now! Is there anyway posible tht i could be the face of april?? My medoll is oh_yeh_*

  18. Star_Awards Says:

    It’s remarkable, I loved every article.

    Congrats, Kaya you looked beautiful on the cover and your interview was great.

  19. emma holloway Says:

    This issue was incredible. I never knew coco chanel created the cardigan. She is even more incredible than I thought.
    The front looks stunning and the writing is beautiful.
    Thank you so much for making me the winner of the contest. It is very exciting.
    emma x x

  20. Seemaia Says:

    That was LOVELY!

    Oh my goodness!

    Darling, you will definitly go places!

  21. A y n a Says:



  22. Pea001 Says:

    Love It, Actually i love all of the issues. You guys are good at what you do.

  23. jjgirl2 Says:

    awesome i luv the style

  24. Kit Says:

    I think the next one should be BeverlyHillsHei. BHH is fashionable!

  25. Namyoko Says:

    i’m loved!
    Very Nice………………………XD

  26. xHaute_couturex Says:

    It’s stunning.
    Kaya you are so gorgeous!


  27. Audreyhep4 Says:

    Darling. This issue is fabulous. One of the best. You did a truly amazing job.

  28. topmodellx Says:

    o.m.g is that she is a lovely girl

  29. Adorable Says:

    Stunning I love the magizine this is the best Magizine I have seen anywhere keep up the great work

  30. so neat great graphics! overall 9.5/10!!!!!

  31. Kahlen08Heiress Says:


  32. the.blondies Says:


  33. Gabisia9 Says:

    Cool ! Very cool ! I love it !

  34. jess_59 Says:

    WOW!its realy good

  35. Fashion.Fantasy Says:

    It’s beautiful, as usual.

    I love this edition, and the cover is just gorgues!

  36. tami390 Says:

    I just joined your club and I realised that I’d fall in love with it! I LOVE STYLE_MAGAZINE!

  37. Katy...Kool Says:

    What’s the point?

  38. I love it, you’ve really outdone yourself Style!

  39. Babycarli_x Says:

    Its flawless. Breath-taking.
    This truly has to be the most amazing issue ever!
    Congratulations Kaya!
    The cover looks stunning.
    I think Style Magazine should take over the show.

  40. HRF.Magazine Says:

    It’s just like a stardoll issue of Vouge. Brilliant.

  41. Eliza Says:

    I think it’s lovely and so fashion! But it’s so much word that I don’t understand and it’s to much to read even it’s about fashion. I just read the half of the magazine and then I just watch the pictures… xD. The person who made this magazine and the pictures is amazing because at the show they havent got so much thing to write about. Does anyone know the black chanel dress are at stardoll? Then contact ElizaII.

  42. Couture.Abi Says:

    I love the new issue. Congratulations on Emma Holloway’s win & thank you Style Magazine for making me a finalist and considering me for the winner.

  43. Selena.aka.miselo Says:


  44. Style_Magazine!
    You did it again! A New Fabulous Issue!
    You outdid yourself. I love the Chanel Article!
    Congrats To Kaya Too! Love you Darling!
    Well done & Keep up the impecible work!
    x0` Ruth

  45. jules Says:

    the previous issue was great.
    but this rocks.
    do you make the clothes that are not on stardoll yourself?
    what program do you use

    mail me at memberon

  46. rachel Says:

    this mag iz wickedly amazing, especiatly the piccy’s

  47. thedesignermag Says:

    FABULOUS issue! you really outdid yourself!

  48. Bint Hilton ( Coco_toto ) Says:

    nice =D

    see my sutie and vote for mwe as a cover plz and add me

  49. Very nice Style! I will publish an article about this! It is so lovely.

  50. ~~SWIL~~ Says:


  51. dogs118 Says:

    its awsome. love the african beauty part

  52. Amazing. I love the African Beauty- Model, Great job.

  53. paulina Says:

    fajne ubrania szkoda ลผe ta gazeta nie jest po polsku

  54. Jenna Says:

    Aah Kaya is so beautiful in this issue. I love it! You have marvelled yet again, Style! Brava!

  55. Qatti Says:

    I love it all.

  56. Unimpressed. Again. Says:

    Once again, I found it somewhat dull and monochromatic. The graphics are still amazing, but can’t make up for it.

  57. sparklepop123 Says:

    AMAZING, again.

    Good work, you guys.


  58. Dana Mills (Deena_Deena) Says:

    If possible, this Issue is even better then the last. Good Work!

  59. MORTYMORT Says:

    OH!!! Totally in love with the Style Magazine!! Great Job!!

  60. foreverjb Says:

    love it, love it, love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Lushous_Beauty Says:

    Omg. Does Style_Magazine Draw These ??

  62. pinkice7890 Says:

    i love the mag how can i get a pic of me in it?

  63. Brianna Says:

    Awesome! Very creative.!

  64. Briana Lee (Hottie3114) Says:

    I absolutely love both the February and March issues! How do you get the issues and issue covers to look like that?

  65. Malik aka Prime_Tyme Says:


  66. Fancy911 (stardoll account) Says:

    Amazing! Though I must say the articles are a bit too long, which makes them hard to read. They need to be a bit shorter and snappier!

  67. oh_yeh_* Says:

    I love your magazine but go to my club h.o.t. and look at the disscussion “Style_Magazine” because someone has written a very mean comment!

  68. Lily Says:

    Wow! I think this is an amazing magazine, I wasn’t to impressed with the last issue, but this? Its spectacular!

  69. hanni-101-lol Says:

    Amazing. I Love It, And Emma Holloway’s Article Was So Inspiring.

  70. Klauida.afro Says:

    How can I buy the DKNY jacket and top??
    I can’t find it!
    Please write me if you know…

  71. Hannahfanna97 Says:

    This is a really cool magazine. The fashions really inspired me.

  72. wooziewoo Says:

    love it!! so lovely and well worded :0)
    love the artical african beauty!!!!
    :0) love wooziewoo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  73. elegancemagazine Says:


  74. this is amazing!!! it’s like a real magazine! : D

  75. pieceof_cake Says:

    I love this magazine! very hot! you put alot of effort into this! good job!

  76. kmbr_93 Says:

    love it!! it’s so fashionable!!

  77. holly Says:

    Your magazine is so boring I like TeenVogue much better.

  78. Ciiiiiinderella Says:

    Very intresting interview with Kaya, and gosh she looks gorgeous on the cover! I liked the design from the February issue, but the magazine is still breath taking, loved the Chanel section. Well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. didi_ps Says:

    This is Awesome . I love it . This Magazine is the BEST ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. mechteld2 Says:

    Brilliant. Girl, you’ve got talent, this is breath taking

  81. dyanna Says:

    wow..girl this is soo fab xXx..
    ican`t ever imagined this is soo cool..a lot of work..but this is more than gorgeous!!! Cheers!!!:D

  82. Do you draw all this?
    The mag is amazing!

  83. randbfashion Says:

    OMG! you r soo good at this taking all your time trying to do this.

  84. Millie. Says:

    love the chanel section.
    very chic.

  85. Brennerdora Says:

    these kind of hairstyles should made at the stardoll to…its fab ๐Ÿ™‚
    love it

  86. Sarah Says:

    like it.. lOl ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Brittany Says:

    I just love this issue. The Coco Chanel article was my favourite! So chic.



  88. BeverlyHillsHei Says:

    I LOVE IT!!

  89. Kaitlyn Says:

    Wow your magazine just gets better and better. You really rocked it and I don’t know how you do it, but keep on doing your stuff! I am a real model and I’ve done photo shoots with several magazines, but I would totally j’adore having a photo shoot with Style_Magazine!

  90. Alyssa Says:

    I love it!
    Great articles, fabulous outfits!

  91. shay Says:

    omg wow ur a really taleneted person
    and the Emma Holloway, shes a very VERY talented writer
    she will grow up to be a very talented person
    and how do u get these pictures? they are amazing! u did so well! i cant wait for the next issue!

  92. --ka-- Says:

    I Love the Issue
    I Liked The Cover And The Chanel Article

  93. cassie Says:

    *punkprincess1* is my stardoll name

  94. bellamagazine Says:


  95. bellamagazine Says:

    btw i thought it was ‘viva’….jw

  96. sagal Says:

    u guys r grayt

  97. Britt Says:

    I totally love the Chanel part:).
    I can’t believe all those clothes from Stardoll are actually Chanel clothing!

  98. fmuthgrl Says:

    i want the birkin bag

  99. Tamikamera Says:

    I’m so speachless o my goodness that was so stylish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Cottagirl Says:

    You really outdid yourself! I love it!

  101. Cottagirl Says:

    I think this is the best you’ve come up with so far, since you guys go into the deeper aspects of fashion- not just what’s ‘in’ but also how you wear clothes and how they reflect your personality. Kaya Richards is a superb covergirl! What’s her Stardoll name?

  102. stylemagazine Says:

    Kaya Richards is Sudanese.Beauty on Stardoll.

  103. sezo111 Says:

    its awsome

  104. Ellebasi.94 Says:

    Amazing. Every issue is better than the last. How do you do it?!?

  105. Haruna-Ginza Says:

    i love this magazineeeeeeeeeeeeee

  106. rightmoves44 Says:

    Just darling!
    So CHIC!
    Love it!

  107. Ssg1994 Says:


  108. Demo Says:

    U’re champion! =] much more better than callie.stardoll

  109. Roz Says:

    i really love it

  110. Nicolle-1993x Says:

    Cool Love This Mag Very Trendy And Full Of Fashion !! x

  111. MaNdY Says:

    Wow, this mag is awesome, but the clothing is all from stardoll, its pretty cool. instead of real models, they should let us dress up these models, or even have a game called “Design Your Own Mag” where we can make our own magazine for fun!!!

  112. My fave in this issue is the African Beauty. It’s so beautiful && trendy!

  113. Porcelain*girl Says:

    Ok, nothing against the clothes, but this is so dumb! I mean, they’re just like all the other magazines making everyone feel like they’re fat and ugly b/c they don’t look like all the other models!!!! It’s completely stupid! They shouldn’t make them look like that!!!
    P.S.And I appreciate the fact that they at LEAST don’t have any fur on them! If u want 2 know the whole TORTURE behind the fur-making process, got to!!!!

  114. Alex Says:

    Omg that looks so cuute i wish i can get that cloths for my b-day lol:) nd hey leave a comment on m stardoll guest book my account name is Narutorocks nd join my club ABERCOMBIEGRL(if you go to

  115. michelle Says:

    omg that is so awesome

  116. Velina.Petkova1 Says:

    I love the hair’s styles ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. eyva Says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚ (~) :0 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜‰ (m)

  118. Beattie Says:

    OMG, talk about a girls esestrale!
    This is soooooooooo kool!

  119. Beattie Says:

    I like :love: this blog!

  120. angelsazy Says:


  121. Zoe Says:

    :):):):):):):) hello

  122. wow i love the fashion. its awesome and cool.

  123. Johannah Says:

    hey this is soo awesome you have done a wonderful job… keep up the good work!

  124. You have a very good fashion sence, and a remarkable at designing this magazine. Very good!

  125. sam1808 Says:

    lovely i absolutely love this magazine!

  126. noda2007 Says:

    really great and fab . its amazing ilike it so much

  127. aly1aly2aly3 Says:

    this is so cool
    that African girl is pretty aswell!

  128. Qatti Says:

    I love it.

  129. That was beautiful!
    So well done and very high-fashion!
    I love the Harlequin picture too…X

  130. Saoirse Says:

    Love it.I can’t wait till it hit’s the shop’s!
    Loving the pictures to….X

  131. โ™ฅMiMiโ™ฅ Says:

    OMGEE! i โ™ฅ iT! SOO PRETTY! i lOVE THE FASHiON!โ™ฅ

  132. My-Nightlife Says:

    This is so good. I don’t mean 5/5. I MEAN 10000/5.

  133. Jess1197 Says:

    Nice, I really like

  134. babe11 Says:

    Okay I wonder if maybe I can be in that magzine?

  135. ItalyGermanyEnglandFrance Says:

    I love how much effort you put into it…but you should feature more “average” people as well. People don’t have to be glamorous models in order to be worthy of being in a magazine. I’ve observed that some of the people you feature are not very nice…some of them are stuck up! I tried being Model-Selena’s friend but she was much too full of herself. Plus, how do you know if the people you’re featuring are even actually who they say they are? What if some of them are just people with no friends who just make themselves seem rich and cool on Stardoll?

  136. marsha Says:

    dude it is so cool

  137. muzuali Says:

    WOW I loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Elisaveta1994 Says:

    Nice magazine. Really much information and great pictures. ^_^

  139. ariannacarle Says:

    it wa quite dull.each issue seems exactly like the last one except they have different pictures.come on where is are the texts that make me want to read it!
    btw everyone i have a mag of my own to find it go to stardoll and then search for the club called richgirlsmag.the link to get to my magazine is on the presentation.

  140. britney467 Says:

    nice i like the african princces

  141. ariannacarle Says:

    and tw just so everyone knows most of the pictures in this issue she got my from my magazine!so basiclly all she did was copy and paste!

  142. Meachia Says:

    Best magazine ever!

  143. keauna404 Says:

    that african girl is really pretty~!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  144. ChericeBayBay Says:


  145. omgjuciy Says:

    Looking back at past issues, you have come a long way. also selling that chanel elegant dress.

  146. Tierra Says:

    I like it. They have a great Fashion sense.I Love it. Whoever made it. It is awsome.

  147. Tierra Says:

    You rock dude can you send me your Magazine.

  148. This is super Cute!
    Gorgeous in every way!
    Add me on Stardoll : dolphinsrule45

  149. sarah Says:

    AMAZiNG.. i really love it so much… its just like a real magazine..

  150. Wow! It’s so cool that you’ve got a magazine here! I love it, it’s soo stylish! Yay! Stylemagazine!

    Hugs// sussi xo xo.

    hasta la vista fahsionista!

  151. thewhalleys Says:

    this mag is awesome

  152. vincent99 Says:

    The cover isn’t that great.. she’s soo thin.. but the magazine itself is really great as always!!

  153. Ady Says:

    there not even real people they just got the fashions from!!!

  154. Brooke Bell Says:

    must of click the wrong buton

  155. mi_de Says:

    wow…so awsome….will those haircutz available on stardoll?

  156. alexis Says:

    nooffence but i hate it i mean eewwwwww

  157. alexis Says:

    needs more jonas lots of jonas

  158. Jojo-_13 Says:

    hey love all of it!its ttly cute and i love the fashions!
    ~xoxo jesse

  159. Alex Joanale Says:

    can I see my idol Hillay to model dkny fashion?

  160. startime Says:

    Hey! Can someone please tell me how you get your pages to fit in the coloumns? Mine burst out unless I use thumbnail!

  161. taylor! Says:

    hmmmm this magazine if fab and really stylish i would love if there was more dkny though but its really good!-x

  162. Bella_devon01 Says:

    Love You’re Magazine,You must put a lot of work in the Mag.An COngrats for the article about you in Callie say.

  163. jnezka Says:

    hi you are welckom to mi bagg in i stardoll

  164. HSM_luver11 Says:

    you are a comp genius how do you do that?

  165. Eddie Says:

    What?? Me will start and news!

  166. isabella Says:

    omg jus truely ah-mai-zing! im jus wowed how you manage to get the models in stardoll clothes but with a duffrent modeling pose!

  167. Sable423 Says:

    I loved this magazine i worship chanel!!!!!
    i luvved how u managed to get models posing in clothes from stardoll can i b a model?lol only jkin!

  168. Miracle456 Says:


    Kaya! You look beautiful! The most beautiful model I’ve ever seen (on stardoll)

  169. elegancemagazine Says:

    I adore the style and effort that was put into this.

  170. Jessie Says:

    i wish you could do more!

  171. Jessie Marks Says:

    omg! i L0VE iT yoo!

  172. kier11sten Says:

    som stylish and everybody request to be kayas friend stardoll is awesome

  173. dramaqyn4life Says:

    i loved the magazine and i have great style i would like to have my own magazine & if that did not happen i would like to be one of the models or i could give fasion advice. still no matter witch one i end up doing i will like my job.

  174. dramaqyn4life Says:

    all of the otfits in the magazine looks like every person put a lot of work into it and i should know because the whole reason that is my nickname is what it is because my friends think i make a big deal out of everything

  175. dramaqyn4life Says:

    It is a very good mag!

    loved it

  176. kara Says:

    wow realy cool wish i could be apart of it

  177. ABBIE Says:

    i loved it !!!!!!!! but maybe next issue put a bit less writing

  178. ABBIE Says:

    i love me myame is madison

  179. Lalflower Says:

    It was true genius! A total inspiration.

  180. Kadee-Angel Says:

    V/useful! I might as well just look at this instead of buying all those expensive mags-Good idea

  181. teen_trends Says:

    u are an exellent writer!u should be famous!i thought i was a good writer until i met this wonderful magazine!i think you should try to publish your own magazine exactly like this in real world!i also have a magazine the website name is:

  182. meeeeeeeeee Says:

    What program did you use? And how do you get cheap rare clothes from the starplaza? Your holding back and thats not right nor fair.

  183. melodysong Says:

    i lovee your magazine graphics, but i think you should feature more regular ppl. It’s not all about the Elites, you know?
    I also think your articles are good.
    But im TIRED of seeing the same faces in this magazine.

  184. I LOVED IT!but i think u should use real stardolls not ones u make up like have contest to see who gets to be on in it!

  185. Bellebella98 Says:

    I love stardoll but i dont believe 65 stardollars
    P.L.E.A.S.E donner moi 65 stardollars s’il te plait au voir
    moi c bellebella98 va cher moi BiZ baveux Berk XxlovexX

  186. Jessica Says:

    I thought it was pretty good

  187. bambilox Says:


  188. It is an awesome magazine
    I โ™ฅ it!
    I think with just some work it’ll
    be even better ;]

  189. erica x Says:

    love it, so chic

  190. sunsetmagazine Says:

    I found this link on Stardoll, and I’m going to be reading it again!!!!!!!!

    I’d rate it a 10000000000000000!

  191. this is so cool.i love the magzine! hotshoot31331+style magizine=love

  192. myspace is small compared to this big mag!

  193. Katie Says:

    I think it was good….;
    but I think we need to add more CAZZOU in it!

  194. vanessa028 Says:

    come and join my club: 4models

  195. suuridey Says:

    I โ™ฅ it!

  196. Xela Says:

    Dear Illistrator,

    Your pictures are very unique and eccentric. Also, the lady/gent that produced the text has an eye for detail. All in one word, fantastic!

    Kind Regards

    Xela (Model)

  197. annoymus Says:

    I love it.
    But why is the cover girl EXTREEMLY skinny?
    She doesn’t look like that on stardoll.
    Can we get a bit REALISTIC?

  198. fouchy678 Says:

    Its wonderful but what is the website for making those girls?

  199. lovely.girl.too Says:

    It’s great and styling..but I missing the Editor’s Picks,the Covergirl Diaries and the Fashion Trends….I really loved this this issue i enjoyed to read about Gabrielle Chanel!:D

  200. omg!
    you are amazing, babe !!

    xoxo. GingerbreadCuty

  201. miettarox Says:




    i have read this mad since it began and i have watched it grow! i love the fashion tips and reveiws! i am just hoping that this become a real magazine one day so i can own all the copies! 10/10

  202. Georgia Says:

    you have amazing magazine. I have one too. But I;m not copying you. Keep up the good work and please pay attention to the ‘average’. Really I hate the ‘elite’, they not accept my friend request and other…I’m tired on stardoll. If you have time please visit my magazine. It’s for all and about all. Launching at April 23 ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. FASHION-IS-LOV3 Says:

    hey cool magazine. how do you get stardolls to be on the cover and everything it’s amazing. any one with stardoll can add me my username is FASHION-IS-LOV3

  204. Dooney-Girl Says:

    I agree with
    “annoymus Says:

    March 27, 2008 at 5:44 pm
    I love it.
    But why is the cover girl EXTREEMLY skinny?
    She doesnโ€™t look like that on stardoll.
    Can we get a bit REALISTIC?”

    I mean I love the mag,but the cover girls are all way to skinny.On stardoll thier me-dolls look nothing like they do in the mag.It is offensive to the accual girls who are that skinny.
    Just saying,

  205. KwlKat999 (stardoll username) Says:

    great mag, a bit much reading to get through but still, v. proffesional.

    are you going to tell us how to make the stardoll-inspired dolls. i know you probably won’t but whateva

  206. petitcococherie Says:


  207. luved it! visit my page! juliannerocks

  208. softmakeupstyling Says:


  209. High.Fashion Says:

    I love the article on the Hermes Birkin bag.

  210. kelsey_diamond Says:

    Wow its good, how did you get those people though?

  211. clea807 Says:

    you should be an owner of site just like stardoll!

  212. Ninja Says:

    Some damn good photoshopping there, but the rest is boring.

  213. goodgal7 Says:

    Wow the hairstyles and outfits are great!

  214. holly Says:

    this magazine is great and fashionable!

  215. KathyCook Says:

    I have to give you prop`s your website is Ok.You work hard but it ia just so plain.

  216. Lisjuh Says:

    Wooow, this is fabulous ! How old are you agaiin ?
    I love the hairstyle (where did you get it from ?) and the backrounds xD

    Your great ! How much (ouwers/minutes) do you spend on one magazine ?

    xxxx lisjuh

  217. Qatti Says:

    When will the April issue come? ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. bugsmydarling Says:

    hey wat program do you use to create the pics please comment back on my stardoll account wich is funyfunnybunny

  219. Hollister883 Says:

    Another incredible Issue.

  220. Love it as always! Can’t wait till the next issue!

  221. gypsy_12(stardoll) Corinn Says:

    amazing!!! I mean, how do you do that? haha, it’s just SO awesome

  222. Kittykat108 [Sophia] Says:

    This issue, is beautiful & absolutely gorgeous. You have truley outdone yourself Style, & the time and effort you took, really shows. Congratulations, Kaya, you deserve to be front cover, as your beauty is truly remarkable. I eagerly await, the nest issue.

    – Sophia

  223. This Mag is Bogus Says:

    I think this mag is nothing but a bunch of wanna-be’s.I mean yes,they have thier minute of fame.But then in a month we will all be like “Who?” ,when thier name comes up in a covno.
    We all know that NOONE featured in this amg is accually that pretty in real life.I mean it is like “I think I will be an “Elite” if I look like this.” They accually are pretty plain looking,if they show thier Piczo,myspace,or anything else with ACCUAL photo’s of themselves.

  224. melodysong Says:

    when i did ‘kaya richards'”it is wrong, because you only put the ‘ on the outside of the ‘s’ when it is plural. since there is only 1 kaya richards, then u write it like ‘richards’s’
    otherwise i think you have almost everything correct

    btw she looks REALLY skinny on the cover
    love ur magazine tho

  225. Best issue yet.

  226. I like it alot
    But there is a thing that I don’t understand
    Is that if Sudanese Beauty come from Sudan how can she have such gorgeous clothes,I mean I knoiw perfectly that the question is kind of childish but it’s weird!lol
    And why are they only Elite ones who are privilegied?
    A magazine must be renovalated all the time new ppl….
    But I enjoyed alot Good work!

  227. Amazing, especially the issue about Chanel.

  228. dan_dan Says:

    that girl on the cover looks SEXY!

  229. MissSharpay. Says:

    This magazine is so amazing! :]]

  230. eternitymodels Says:

    Great job! I have a mag too, but photoshop here is amazing! Thank you!

  231. Qatti Says:

    Anwser to This Mag is Bogus:

    Yes, You have right. But we love this photos anyway. It is fun to see something different! And some people maybe like to just be someone else just for a minute on Stardoll. That doesn’t mean that they are mean, They maybe just need some time on there own..

  232. isabella Says:

    i think beverlyhillshei should be featured on the cover. she is so high fashion.

  233. isabella Says:

    or fever_cole or zanegirl90210!

  234. glammagazineofficial Says:


  235. Kaz1996 Says:

    Fabulous! How do you do this?!

  236. paxton52 Says:

    I love kaya’s story!

  237. Audrey.Hepburn Says:

    Wow, this is amazing. I admire your writing and fashion skills. It’s the second best magazine in the WORLD since Vogue. Congratulations.
    It’s fabulous.

  238. katy Says:

    that’s coool

  239. skream Says:

    Some dam good Photoshopping, but the articles are very vain. Why not use a common Stardoll member for CoverGirl? I don’t see why the super-rich people always appear on the cover…

  240. Paris..Style Says:

    J’adore votre magasin, I’ ; le VE a lu chaque issue, et elle continue juste ร  aller mieux

  241. _BabyC_ Says:

    Beautifull covergirl

  242. boxy21 Says:

    i love this magazine becuse im in it

  243. 22butterfly22 Says:

  244. millymou Says:

    this is probably the best Style Magazine yet.
    you have an amazing sense for fashion. (:

  245. I’m juliannerocks on Stardoll! Visit and add me!

  246. Ellie Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, but Kaya on the cover look like an anorectic. (I mean on the cover, not oterwhise)

  247. Mayeesha Says:

    Is it stardoll website’s magazine or is it made by some members of stardoll anyway or the other I will like to know how to make the dolls stand up like that and put different backgrounds and other stuffs!

    Please mail me at my blog’s email address or contact me at my stardoll account mayeeshasam

    Please remember to maul me with the things.

    Mayeesha Samiha.

  248. Emine Says:

    This issue is good, and as always the graphics are exquisite, but I find it somewhat below average for Style Magazine, it doesn’t really satisfy me as much as the other issues.

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