November, 2007


20 Responses to “November, 2007”

  1. Sara Says:

    Again fab issue!!!!!


    Sara (sarabik on stardoll)

  2. Shannon Says:

    hey gurl!!!! i luv your site!!!! how do you take pics like tha from stardoll????

    (i’m your friend on stardoll!!) email me!

    -Shannon (cuddlebunny101 on stardoll!)

  3. Zappizozo...zoe Says:

    Hey its me Zoe..x
    Love it agaij

  4. mileylover75 Says:

    love it lets be friends on stardoll

  5. Marie Says:

    Love this issue.
    Great Job!

  6. Truley_yours_xo Says:

    Hey, nice job with this issue it totally grabbed my attention! nice work!

  7. Erika Says:

    Hey! Erika here. I love this issue and I can’t wait for the next one! Keep it up!


  8. elinafairy Says:

    cool! how do u do it coz i need this sort of thing for my club!

  9. elinafairy Says:

    how do u do that coz i need to know for my club!

  10. LOL Says:

    I really like it!!!

  11. Beth Says:

    Hello,This is a Fantastic Issue keep up the Faboulous work you are doing Great!.X.X.X.X

  12. eyva Says:

    my birth is on nov 4th 1999 soo cool magazines!! my real name is yliana

  13. Elisaveta1994 Says:

    Cool magazine. It was interesting to read about Monroe’s dress designer.

  14. apatche Says:

    fab issue, love the purple dress

  15. Meggie4587 Says:

    I love you! You are so insparational!

  16. styleshotmag Says:

    i like the old issues better except it needs a cover silly

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