September, 2007


48 Responses to “September, 2007”

  1. Sara Says:


    Your magazine is amazing!!!

    Another fantastic issue!!




    (sarabik) –> on Stardoll

  2. A Fashionista From Stardoll Says:

    Your magazine is like the Vogue of Stardoll. I presonally think that this issue was your best ever. The article about the turban is so interesting, and I am so telling my mum to buy me one. I also like that you are using real life designer wear. That Burberry coat is to die for, and it really exists (I have seen it on the Burberry show). Continue making new issues, cause you are the only thing that keeps Stardoll fashionable and stylish.

  3. u continue to make this magazine amazing!

  4. Elsa_yeha Says:

    Wow! i like this page!! style magazine for ever 😉 =D

    I have a doll at stardoll- Elsa_yeha

  5. Christina Says:

    Hey everyone

    I heart this place

    Come check out my doll



  6. amy_lynn_leex2 Says:

    😀 sweet!! 😀 love reading this magazine!!
    every1 check out my page, comment album and sceneries, sign the guestbook and request me!!
    love y’all!!

  7. Julianna Says:

    wow im so glad i checked this out it is so amazing!
    sign my gb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jewelwojo aka julianna

  8. Liibby.x3 Says:

    Omgawsh:] Love this issue, full of gawjus style.x3
    I am pwrincezz–xx on stardoll! So requst me, Vote me and sign thee gb!<3

  9. Lory Says:

    i love the website!

  10. Kajsa** Says:

    Realy great site. I love all the great fasion tips and everything else. It is now in my favorites.
    Love ❤

  11. cesigs Says:

    gr8t job!!!!!!!!

  12. *zalchyy* Says:

    cool site

  13. vAniiLLaEsSeNCe Says:

    fantastic! 1 of the best issues yet although every issue is the best! Lol…

  14. celebsmag Says:

    I love this it is awesome add me in stardoll i am kimjoysmith:P

  15. Supermodel_505 Says:

    How did you make this website?

  16. scar909 Says:

    i love it its so bright and purple beatiful fashion tips there

  17. Starscope Mag Says:

    Oh so cool

  18. MinervaJuno Says:

    This is too fabulous! Congradulations, I’m am in awe!

  19. Puccapo Says:

    I love the covergirl diaries! Its always so exciting to read about what other covergirls likes! Love the pics to, you’re really talented!

  20. Lauren aka Isabelle_Oreo Says:

    Awesome issue!! As always!

  21. Paige Says:

    Hi! This looks absolutly awesome it’s so colourful and it’s just perfect! The website is great! Add me at stardoll, paj101

  22. Bethany Says:

    This website is soooo cool!

  23. Bethany Says:

    Please click the link above to see my doll! Please vote me covergirl! I accept friend requests! Thanks!

  24. Happy. Says:

    Awesome magazine!

  25. mosky565 Says:

    search my magazine its a presentation as well

  26. Music.Junkie-x- (will not be soon) Says:

    Bravo Bravo I Hope You Succseed And Achieve A Hight Standard. This Magazine Could Go Very Very FAR!

  27. apirateslife4me Says:

    this is awsome i looove it its soo coool! i m gonna getr all my ideas for fashion from here!

  28. Adalia13 Says:

    Well,congratulations!!!This website is great!I reallylike it!!!

  29. meeracat Says:

    nice, but i don’t get how the club helps out with the mag?

  30. maddie320 Says:

    i love your covergirldiares do you think i could be feautured in one sometime?

  31. duckie94ms Says:

    You do a really gfreat job on these magazines! I can tell you put alot of time and hard work into this!

  32. Gill_m Says:

    Wow! I cant beleive this! Its awsome! Can you tell me how you did that! I want to make a website for my mag ( dont worry i dont copy! )

  33. --isabel-- Says:

    this faces are really pretty!

  34. sausha10 Says:

    i love these magazine it has all of the latest news

  35. megan Says:

    heyy! I really like this.

  36. greendaygal8 Says:

    i love this site! thanks girl!!!

  37. LoreinePion Says:

    Hey Style_Magazine editor!Congrats!You made a great Stardoll Magazine!

  38. At1AM Says:

    I really like your magazine! Well done!!
    Also I like the way you customize the dolls :3
    How do you that? ‘Cause it’s really great!

  39. Stardoll*Chika!!! Says:

    You are very good at your mazine design! : D

  40. Stardoll*Chika!!! Says:

    I ment magazine : )

  41. ebba_sims Says:

    nice webbsite i love it 😉

  42. ashley Says:

    love it

  43. Casey Miller Says:

    I love it!

  44. ecofriend2 Says:

    how do you make the pages and covers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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