May, 2008


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  1. oh_yeh_* Says:

    Amazing Cover! I cant wait to read it properly!

  2. Kate Says:

    I Love The Cover For This Issue Another Amazing Job Style

  3. clairtjuh01 Says:

    This is one of the best issues ever;…

  4. Sue (lunuszka) Says:

    Style, it’s actually your best Issue on now! It’s really well made, and I’m tottaly in love with the design. I’m still the biggest fan of Style Magazine darling. // Sue ❀

  5. flipflop8906 Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Elite_gossip Says:

    Cool Style amazing well done to jenna!

  7. ArDu Says:

    i LOVE it !!

  8. _x_x_Emma_x_x_ Says:

    Beautiful. The graphics are amazing πŸ™‚

  9. Supa_Chick4 Says:

    Amazing Issue!

  10. Isa aka Iamthestory Says:

    Truly fantastic… now, I’m reading it!! It’s amazing… really!

  11. Jess [Maeebo] Says:

    Amazing. I really think its the best one yet.

  12. missxbrianna Says:

    missxbrianna @ stardoll
    i have to admit, the graphics are great but the it’s just too long to read, it gets boring.

  13. beautemagazine0 Says:


  14. Isabella.Arci Says:


  15. Lovely, you’ve truly outdone yourself!

  16. Abi Pettitt (Couture.Abi) Says:

    Thank you so much, Style, for this amazing oppurtunity. You have given me so much pleasure in writing for this amazing magazine. Again, thank you.

  17. covergirl. Says:

    May i ask…
    Who is the covergirl?
    With love,
    Anna Gingle

  18. cute_deizi Says:

    Wow, amazing and so stunning! πŸ™‚

  19. emmaholloway Says:

    The cover is amazing. I love all the backgrounds in the images of Jenna, they really compliment the model and all the clothes.
    Abi’s article on Balenciaga is my favourite, and I have to admit that when I first saw the ‘B’ necklace on Anne Bolyen I thought it was some strange way to incorperate ugly betty into the film… Not really sure why or how… I feel like I have betrayed my British roots. At least that is corrected now.
    I love Selena’s choices too. Definately all things I would wear.
    Overall, Style, this issue is amazing!

    emma x

  20. Jenna Says:

    I love it, thankyou so much Style, it is an honour to be the Covergirl. I also love Abi’s article, The Boleyn Doppelganger. It is making history very interesting, amazing!

  21. GossipGirl Says:

    Love this issue

  22. Spicychic18 Says:

    Great Issue Once Agian! πŸ™‚

    [username on tsardoll Spicychic18]

  23. Aly Says:

    Very nice!

  24. Kasey L. Says:

    One of my favorite issues ever! Nice job! x3

  25. Nikki1946 Says:

    This issue has been the most intersting yet…I’m glad you featured Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw who I can’t wait to catch up with after 4 years in the Sex And The City movie later this month! The picks from all three previous covergirls were great but in realife i’ve got to say Selena’s picks suits me the best! Well keep up the brillant work, Nicola.

  26. emochick776 Says:

    whos the covergirl?

  27. Ah-mazing!
    I heart it :]]

  28. Yna Says:

    Beautiful, Stunning.
    You know, the usual;)

  29. Paris..Style Says:

    Lovely, and creative as always.

  30. Noname Says:

    It is not fair that Jenna was feautered twice in your magazine!!!
    It is annoying how you choose your CG’s, there are more people that we are interested to know more about them!

  31. eternitymodels Says:

    Great! Reeespect you!
    Btw,CG is modelisous?

  32. talkzi1213 Says:

    whats the covergirls username?

  33. Ellebasi.94 Says:

    WoW as always! I can’t believe how you can keep outdoing yourself with every single issue!! AMAZING!!!!!!! <333333333

  34. vincent99 Says:

    I don’t know this time.. it’s soo much but It’s not that great! I was also wondering who is on the cover and I saw you reused the pearl-neckleas you used in the april issue.. AND WHY, WHY always the same girls.. They’re all tree beautyful but the items they shoosed are just not pretty and you know how many girls there are on stardoll.. You should know better than again use them..

  35. Sandhero Says:

    Breathtaking, simply breathtakingg..
    I love this issue, Relii outdone yourself.. πŸ™‚
    Jen is my best friend on stardoll, and I’m just AMAZINGLY proud of her..
    She’s a very stylish girl and an amazing friend

    -Sandhero from stardoll. <33.

  36. Hannah (FlyingGlam) Says:

    Congratulations, Style. It’s a wonderful May issue.
    The interview is perfect, and Jenna is wearing amazing outfits.
    I’ll be waiting for the next issue.


  37. Reese Says:

    attractive reading.I really enyojed.Graphic is better and better.I must say this magazine is the best I’ve ever seen!
    if you’ll someday have no only virtual magazine,I’ll be fan of it.

  38. xxLLISSAA @ stardoll Says:

    I don’t get how “Jenna” is fighting for the environment, if she’s wearing fur in every frame. It just doesn’t make any sense, what-so-ever.
    I agree with other posts. Use different girls. It’s starting to get boring now.

  39. stylemagazine Says:

    Dear xxLLISSAA,

    If you actually took some time to read the magazine, you would know that I decided to give the clothes worn by Jenna (modelisous) a timeless feel with a slight whiff of the Italian actresses of the Sixties – and, still make it eco-friendly and animal-cruelty free with the use of faux fur. The drop earrings simply lift the look to greater stylistic heights and the three dimensional fabric flowers signify Jenna’s love for all things natural.

    Anyway, the dress on the cover is Marchesa!

    Yours truly, Style Magazine

  40. I for one love this issue. It’s everything a I predicted it be and MORE! I love Jenna. She is a great friend and her love for the enviroment is inspiring. Jenna’s the perfect CG. Love it.
    The articles are superb too! I especially love the Bradshaw basics. I love the show Sex and the City! My Favourtie Issue yet! Congrats Style!

  41. Lisa Says:

    Hey im not being bad and im not jelous but you were not the first and best stardoll magazine , i think your very talented at making the dolls and stuff but i dont like your magazine and i dont like your fashion sense, thats just my option, and i thought i would say it!
    x x

  42. Guaggi Says:

    It coulden’t get any better, this is my favorite issue ever. I loved the article Bradshaw Basics.
    I just simply love this magazine.

  43. Styleyy ( Marina ) Says:

    I love this issue ! I love the covergirls style & how you did this issue, amazing as always. πŸ™‚


  44. Loesje* Says:

    I love it!

    How did you get the pictures of the dolls so pretty?

  45. Becky Says:

    Wow! Another great magazine! I love it!! And I love your taste in fashion! btw especially the bradshaw basics!!!!

  46. Daila Says:

    Hi, i think it’s cool. I love it. πŸ˜‰

  47. I thnk for the cover you should use a non- superstar for the june issue

  48. babuci1992 Says:

    The magazine is awesome. I love it.

  49. czarsy Says:

    Wow Its the best keep up the great work

  50. chachadancing Says:

    Amazing . You very talented .
    The clothes are very stylish. They are fabulous ! I think one day it will be something big of you ! Good Luck !

  51. Pink_Ducky Says:

    Great issue! I loved the Boleyn necklace issue as much as I enjoyed the film!

  52. irune12 Says:


    Amazing.The Best Magazine in Stardoll.

  53. Katiex3. Says:

    Why Are Some People So Nasty ! This Is The First Issue I Have Seen And You Have Seriously Impressed Me ! The Ugly Betty / Anne Boleyn Article Had Me Hooked !! Cant Wait For The Next Issue !

    Loves Katie
    MrsZacEfron-ox Of Stardoll.Com


  54. lizz Says:

    oh my gosh! i L O V E this magazine. is sooo wondeful! i love it!
    also this issue is amazing! realy good work!

    have a nice day Style_magazine!
    well done again!

  55. xChanel05 Says:

    It’s absolutely amazing.. my favourite issue :]
    I was wondering how would someone become covergirl?

  56. Absolutley love it!
    You are so talented
    I really think this should be a rea magazine!

  57. Sara Says:

    So AMAZING. How did u that?

  58. Wow. Says:

    You take this magazine to seriously for a virtual thing. And also you need to let other people be covergirl besides “Elites”. It’s really getting old.

  59. the feb issuie is still my favourite, but this had knocked march right out of second place!

  60. skream Says:

    I do love your magazine, and you are excellent with your graphics maker, but I find the whole plot of the magazine quite vain. I’m totally in love with your cover though – Good job!

  61. Melissakuh Says:

    Beautiful magazine! Great choice of colour, themes, subjects!! Just amazing!! I loved it!

  62. Model-Selena Says:

    Dear Style_Magazine,

    This issue is another one of your spectacular achievements to add onto your wall of fame. I would like to thank you for letting me get my considerations into the magazine, aswell. I also hope that you keep on creating more amazing issues of Style_Magazine for all of us to enjoy.

    Yours truly,
    Model-Selena (Selena Marks)

  63. I’m not a big fan of the cover,

    but I very much like the Boleyn Doppleganger article. It teachs both history of the Tudor times and the History of fashion as well.


  64. Isabella_Arci Says:

    I must say Style, you have out done yourself. Much love to all the writers. This is the most amazing issue yet.

    Yours truly,

    Isabella.Arci (Isabella Arci)

  65. eva19 Says:

    this issue is great!

  66. mechteld2 Says:

    I loved the part about carrie bradshaw. And the favorite styles of ellie kaya and selena. Brilliant

  67. rockchicka Says:

    I love this issue! Keep on writing!

  68. Becky*faberoony Says:

    Yeep, its ok ;]

  69. Blair.Williams Says:

    Great magazine. I loved the choices made by Selena Marks, Kaya Richards and Ellie Watson except where is the picture for Selena’s choice
    Blair Williams

  70. Catharina Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful issue!

  71. kargibxx Says:

    OMG luv it!

    Check out mii suite..:::Kargibxx

    If I win covergirl I will sell all my rares!

    P.S. check out my magazine ((its on my stardoll account!!!))

  72. Tasmin Maria Kania (Taz.K) Says:

    And as always. amazing.

  73. Superstar2256 Says:

    Lovely I LOVE the Sex & the City Theme Properly.
    Carrie Bradshaw :]
    Can’t wait to see the movie. x

  74. .PaulineX3 Says:

    Love it, keep up the good work!
    Jennaa is fakkin amazin as the covergirl, she deserve it.
    I also liked Selenas, Kayas and Ellies favorite trends.

    xoxo Pauline.

  75. Absolutly stunning. I love Jenna, she’s so sweet. I adore Kaya, Ellie, and Selena’s favorite Summer items aswell. Great job!

  76. -Deea_Deena- Says:

    Darling. Good Work.
    Jen is a good friend of mine; it’s wonderful to see her on the cover.
    I loved your bit on Carrie and Scex in the City’s Fashions.

  77. Hey Style I didn’t know anout your magazine untill i joined your club on Satrdoll and your magazine has really inspired me and I agree this magazine is better than Stardolls very own The Show. Anyway great job it was great to read I especially like the theme Sex in the City!

  78. Sarah Says:

    Dear Style.Magazine,

    I think you do a great job with making your magazine. Your girls on the cover are very pretty but it’s getting boring. You can choose other girls now, like (for example) babii–giirl or drivebylovexx, but you only choose that kind of girls. Style magazine won’t come far if you don’t choose diverent types of people.

    I hope to here from you soon,


  79. i have one question? my account is bepoopinandcoo on stardoll btw, and how did you get the girl on the cover to have a few different poses throughout the magazine?

  80. skream Says:

    The Pictures and Photoshopping is the best I’ve seen in a long time. I love the fact you put so much effort into it, but I find that the words do not leap off the page. Using soft pastel tones or bright colours would attract more attention to text, and maybe a few pictures to accompany text too?

  81. Anna (PeppyGirl1995 on SD) Says:

    It’s good, but too sophisticated. I prefer Teale’s Teasie Dolly magazine.

  82. Thanks for Not Smoking Says:

    It is not cool to show the covergirl or whoever,smoking.Ubderage kids read this magazine and what would that say about smoking?That since an “elite” on stardoll must smoke and since tardoll is so awesome,why shouldn’t I smoke?I ifnd that repulsive and disgusting.
    And yes it was something the ladies did in that time period,but do we want childeren seeing that?

  83. little_willow Says:

    Why is that covergirl smoking AND wearing fur in all four pictures? I’m really, really disappointed.

  84. tiatulip Says:


  85. shoppbabe12 Says:

    Very lovely! But I do have to agree that the smoking isnt very classy..

  86. theREALpandn Says:

    Wow Once again you did an awesome job with this month’s cover! I hope that one day you consier me for covergirl! I would really appriciate that!

  87. Hollister883 Says:

    Best issue yet.
    I loved the Boleyn necklace article.
    Very informitave, and its nice to show
    girls some of fashions history.
    Very well done!


  88. Cerenity Rain Says:

    It is your best one yet! I’m sure you’ve heard that a thousand times though, but the models are really well done. They are so lucky! It has always been my dream to be one of the models.

    Cerenity Rain
    (On Stardoll I am CerenityRain)

  89. Saimah (miss.couture) Says:

    Congratulations Style on creating your best issue yet! I particulary liked the Boleyn Doppelhanger article. It was overall very interesting and i cannot wait for Junes issue! As always the cover was very eye-catching and the graphics were amazing.

    Lots of love, Saimah. x

  90. ariannacarle Says:

    Way to much writing I got bored after reading the Editors letter.Take a lesson from Lauren( myslef hers was alot more intresting and mine realates to alot more people while still keeping a high fashion and cuuture egde.

  91. fergie_1992 Says:

    omg this is amazing, i really like the article with the pics of the girls, and the interwiev. but why is there a german word?

  92. clarissima91 Says:

    Very amazing articles, congrats πŸ™‚

  93. Cassie...XD Says:


  94. Emeraldroxx Says:

    Hey please mail me and tell me HOW did you make those GLAMOUROUS COVERS ?? OMG !!! THIS IS SOOO COOL !!

  95. JuliusPoetry Says:

    Dear Style_Magazine,

    I have to say, I think you are very talented & very fashionable. The graphics are amazing and the whole magazine is well put together. But, I think you are being a little “Fake” or shall I say “Unreal” since you ‘elites’ have a problem with the word “Fake”. Well, girl, I know deep down under your black, white and grey clothes, and un-humanly perfect skin, there is a real rare personality. I think you should burst out, and show that in one of the issues to your magazine. Im not saying you are not a fashion fan, and elite, or whatever, but everyone has a distinct persona, meaning (identity)you know. And I know myself, but you need to find you. Again the magazine’s great but express yourself with more humanly articles and more understanding artices. Make them where people, other then Audrey Hepburn & Paris fans can read. Anyway, if you need help writing that issue expressing yourself, dollmail me at my username: juliuspoetry


  96. Fashion babe Says:

    OMG, awesome web

  97. I love your Magazine it’s soo stylish and cool!

    best wishes / sussi1995@stardoll

  98. *idoru*10 Says:

    As usual, Style Magazine didn’t let me down.
    Its not a surprise that this is Stardoll’s most popular magazine. Its spectacular!
    Everthing is soo well thought about and detailed.
    I think that you should write about more teenage (Not like it already isn’t) stuff so that teens can learn more about the ‘latest trends’ easier.
    Overall, 10 out of 10 XD.

  99. kara kiki70707 Says:

    absolutely amazing. Now i know why this is the number one magazine on stardoll. Honestly you are talented.

  100. Syd the Dancer Says:

    Wow, I love the magazine!

  101. RavenSymoneluvs Says:

    Nice! How did u get the dolls like that and stuff?!

    If u have time, friend me and contact me about this at RavenSymoneluvs on Stardoll πŸ™‚

  102. Roxy :D:D:D Says:

    CooL site…very CooL…!!!!AMAIZING…keep holding on πŸ˜‰

  103. ashley875 Says:


  104. Nina Says:

    juliuspoetry: the articles are not written by Style herself, but by myself and a few select writers, so your diatribe was a bit pointless… We all have our personalities and we don’t have to be a specific way to be liked or to be normal. A lot of people like monochromatic clothes, it doesn’t mean they aren’t “human”. The articles are written in a specific way that says that we, the writers, don’t consider our readers to be idiots, and that we believe that they can read and understand everything, and if not, they can always open a dictionary and learn something new, like WE do every day πŸ™‚ I would like to believe that at least a few girls learn SOMETHING, even one new word, out of reading the mag, and that makes it all worth the trouble we go through to deliver something cool to you.
    Appreciate what you get and be thankful that it is not misspelled, inaccurate, and because we consider you intelligent enough to get it. πŸ™‚

  105. Nina Says:

    And to those that get “bored” after reading SO LITTLE TEXT, what can I say, I find it a bit sad. Try to learn to focus for more than half a minute, it will be GREAT for you! It makes you more intelligent and articulate! This is all for you, so take advantage of it!

  106. Carley Says:

    Beautiful dresses!! Very chic! So hard to decide on a favorite!! But I must say WELL DONE!!

  107. Emily[[emily.1]] Says:

    Oh..this is the best Style Magazine yet.
    Great Job, girls.

  108. pinky... Says: is right, i think you should feature a nonsuperstar. that is what really makes up stardoll. you should search for a hidden gem that no one knows about and bring her talent to everyone’s vision. no i M NOT SUGGESTING ME But i know a few people that are so creative and deserve something great like this. please take this into consideration.

  109. My favorite Issue Ever, I love Sex in the city and the Floral Detailing.

  110. Stardoll-Mag-Review Says:

    good, but i have to say, the graphics of carrie bradshaw are not as high quality as what we are used to.

  111. GemGemz Says:

    Wow. This Was The First Time I Had read This Thanks To The Stardoll Magazine Club So It Is Great I Really Like It. It Is Nice. People On Stardoll ADD ME!! I Accept All! My Username Is MaryKate9895 ADD ME PLEASE!! Fab Website Here!!
    Gem xxx

  112. I love your site you rock you must put a lot of effort to get this magazine out on time I hope you get this published so then I CAN BUY IT IN THE SHOPS BECAUSE EVERYONE WILL.

  113. Fliss Says:

    I thought it was boring, so boring that I didn’t even read it, I think you need to present the writing in a different way.

  114. mgr4ever Says:

    i love this new website you have 2 tell me how to make it like that

  115. stardollreviews Says:

    We reviewed your magazine in our blog.
    Go to
    for the review on this magazine.

    Stardoll Reviews

  116. SummerBabii.x Says:

    This is an amazing issue. The cover is really elegant and gorgeous, along with the rest of the pictures in the magazine. I have been looking at your earlier-years issues, and compared it to this one, and you guys have improved so much! I would like to see, maybe some “normal” people on Stardoll featured in one of the next issues, because all of this “elite” stuff, is getting a little old. But I love all of your issues! Keep up the good work! Add me as a friend on Stardoll. My name is SummerBabii.x

  117. popstarjw Says:

    Who is on the cover?

  118. pieceof_cake Says:

    I will be honest, this is the first issue i have ever read, but I loved it. It reminds me of The New Yorker. Well done πŸ™‚ You have a talent and I will look for your articlesin New York Times some day πŸ™‚

  119. mileymad345 Says:

    HELP i do a mag too how do u get those cover graphics which program?

  120. Jodii_baybeex Says:

    I love it, the cover is amazing – Jenna looks fabulous ( Modelisious ) & i love the Oracle of Trends Section! The outfits look gorgeous.

  121. ***LEXIE*** Says:

    YOW!!!!I love it and the models are so pretty!!Mabe you can visit my clubs magazine at no!!

  122. Kat Says:

    I love the magazine & i just wanna say it’s been almost a year since you’ve started it. Theres a huge white gap on the “Living Green” Story. I can’t read it. I tried refreshing the page & it dosen’t work. Can you help?

  123. clea807 Says:

    Wow, you made the doll have a cigar.

    Shes 15!

  124. cdshorty713 Says:


  125. Naomie Says:

    I Totally Agree with xxLLISSAA, I mean she seems like an smart girl (Model) But she seems like thoose things she is sayin are something “SHE HAS TO SAY” Well If you are all about GreenPeace or whatever then, hey thats cool with me. But to me GreenPeace also includes NOT killing animals for fur. Sorry.
    Not trying to Be “None Respectful”

  126. Kylieee Says:

    Luv it. =]

  127. Cassie Says:

    i absolutly love it beautiful
    clothingg & make upp

  128. Lilly Says:

    i like kaya’s hairstyle and clothes and accesories around her

  129. Kimmy Says:

    i luv the last pics with the gurl in the lite blue and pink dress but i luv most of the clothes!

  130. Megan Says:

    how did u make the dolls??? they are so cool!!

  131. brittant Says:

    luvvv ittt. goood jobb

  132. Be*m*friend Says:

    i don`t like it

  133. cassie Says:

    wow I really love this magazine look at the hard work and for a girl like you@

  134. Lila.Grace Says:

    Well done,love the graphics and style.


  136. loluuu Says:

    i love the graphics!
    the best issue ! congrats

  137. Hazel Says:

    OMG, This Mgazine is so good

  138. This is my favorite issue, but I agree with little_willow, I dont think that the covergirl gives the right message, wearing fur and smoking at the same time.


    I Like Josh

  139. hiimonkey Says:

    hi. i didn’t even notice how well of a job you can do. AHHMAZZINNG!!

  140. doller_girl Says:

    WOW UR a hard worker

  141. julz-rulz-07 Says:

    Nina Said on May 23, 2008 at 11:11 pm that girls will learn at least a new word from the magazine.

    I’m sorry to seem ill-manered but were all not hebetudinous if you dont mind me saying so. I also disagree with with this stero-type of being ‘elite’. Does it really matter? I actually find it quite pretentious.


  142. Wonderful Work, Lovely Graphics…
    Pure Art work.
    & For everyone that don’t read the articles as they should –
    Let me tell you, you miss a wonderful collection of Splendid Descriptions.
    & As much it is over-rated, in some way… i adore Carrie.

    Ally Karan.

  143. 22butterfly22 Says:

    so cool
    luv the dresses and the dolls

    just amazin…

    xX teju

  144. why hasen’t june issue come?

  145. LadyInRed--xx Says:

    I love the pictures however I dont even read the articles!

  146. sparklystef Says:

    Wow. You guys never fail to astonish me. I dream of following in your footsteps.

  147. Miss.Nessie Says:

    Beautiful and Brilliant!
    I love it

  148. -Style Magazine

    This is an amazing article. I am sorry I didn’t get the time earlier to review your other issues, but I will, soon. Your articles are very professional and mature. I believe you will be writing for Vogue, Maxim, and other top magazines. Many people admire your pictures, and I do, too. God, I’m very impatiently waiting for your next issue. I am almost speechless. I have read all your issues, but this one has stunned me the most. Mixing modern-day tv shows with cute fashions is really amazing. I love this magazine with all of my heart. To rate it brings me to decide really hard. I shall rate your amazingly flawless, fashion magazine a: 10.0.

    This is such an adorable issue. I j’adore it. I wish I could give you an 11.0.


  149. theveronicas1 Says:

    How do you get the great pics??

  150. angelmagazine Says:

    This should be selled in real life!

  151. lovelyladyalexa Says:

    best issue ever! ur so good! publish it in real life! how did u do all the graphics?! its better than stardoll’s the show!!:)

  152. katie Says:

    omg how do you make this?
    is it possible if you can make me a mag.x

  153. hey style, i think you did the right thing including in your links πŸ™‚

  154. ljtd Says:

    nice i really think that youve put a lot of work into this and im a member of ur club on stardoll and that is my name

  155. Hayden Says:

    Wow! I give it a 1oo/1o! Fabulous!

  156. Edda(Agy.Deyn) Says:

    Every time I read each issue, they improve by so much.This issue got me so caught up, my eyes were just glued to the screen.Thankyou so much for putting in the Sex and the City article, it really made my day!I loved this issue and Junes will be even more successful I think!

    Yours Truly,
    Edda Vallen(Agy.Deyn)

  157. blank Says:

    I don’t think you ar ethe best magazine. It’s boring, too much writing. The front cover really gets your hopes up, but the pages fail to deliver.

  158. margarita Says:

    ummmm…… how come you dont do the must have iteams anymore

  159. sosmagazine Says:

    I agree with blank!

  160. Mododistile (add me fashionettas! :D) Says:

    I think this is your best issue, view wise. I mean, I just skimmed through it yes, (the writing, the smallness, *shudder*) but its amazing!

    P.S. Glad to see the copyright over there << lol!

    Buh bye!

  161. Emeraldroxx Says:

    How did you make this site ??
    PLease tell me and i will give you a superstar account !! a promise NO lie !

  162. Dear Style_magazine,

    I really love your magazine!
    It is professional, edgy and sophisticated.
    Ever time I read the magazine it really improves but, I think it will be a challenge to improve this! This is excellent how it appeals to the eye and looks so realistic!


  163. Girlygirl15026 Says:

    Hey, this is really amazing! I was thinking about starting my own magazine, too. I have no idea what I should do though.

    Add me on stardoll, my username is…


    If you could join my club, too, it would be great!
    It’s called…


  164. roxysister11 Says:

    this magazine is amazing! To tell the truth, I didnt understand any of it,but the pictures and outfits are nice! Suggestion, if you could, make the magazine where when u come to this website u just see the cover but then dent the corner a bit so when you click on it the page will turn like a real magazine!

  165. *sugar*babe*10 Says:

    I’d like to see you do goth!
    it’ll be different!
    I’d consider the thought πŸ˜‰

  166. Sydney Says:

    i would absolutely love to see you on stardoll pull it off where everyone one stardoll joined your club

  167. why isnt everyone in the style magazine in the sceneries

  168. xJuicyxCandyx23 Says:

    This magazine is definitely the worst I’ve ever read.
    I can’t even read half of it without knowing there will a stupid sentence the with words I’ve never ever heard of. Yes, I understand English, but this is useless crap. The only interesting part of it is the graphics, but that doesn’t cover all of what I want.

  169. RetroCat Says:

    Wow, it is nice.You do it with photoshop or something?Very big job.

  170. ima13 Says:

    ima13 @ Stardoll πŸ™‚

    wOw ur magazin iis GREAT!!
    iit has as such a gOOd design!! and the dOlls are lOOking beautyful!!
    I can’t wait tO read the next One!!

  171. Sara Says:

    Wow this is amazing! How do you make these graphics? This must have taken quite a while! Well, I just really love it! Good luck with your other issues!

  172. CerenityRain Says:

    I love the pictures! The covergirl is SO lucky1

  173. thats a spectaular magazine! it beats the mags that are tryed to put to gether on presentations!

  174. mechteld2 Says:

    I am amazed

  175. Fairby Says:

    Really gorgeous, it’s my favourite magazine!

  176. Ashley Hubbell Says:


  177. theREALpandn Says:

    Amazing fashion!! I can’t wait until the new issue comes out!!

  178. a stranger. Says:

    What’s up with the 15-year-old Cover Girl holding a cigarette?
    Because it’s stylish?
    No way.

  179. princesscayla Says:

    It’s a fabulous layout. The dolls look stunning, (LOVE the Pink Vivienne Westwood dress.) But shouldn’t you give fashionista’s (like me!) chances to be on the cover as well as elite’s?
    BTW: My stardoll user is princesscayla.

  180. Lollipop Says:

    It’s nice. =)

  181. Luna Says:

    The clothes are amazing. I have the bohemian tunic in blue, purple, and green in my stardoll suite. Username: pickalittle

  182. eva19 Says:

    nice job at this girls!

  183. HALo Says:


  184. o Says:

    Take the cigarette out. Its giving a bad example. You really should have had more sense.

  185. kksara Says:

    this is the most amasing thing ever

  186. Inka Valerie Says:

    what is the most style magazine of the worlds who likee

  187. Dakota Says:

    Visit my NEW Stardoll magazine, Splash Magazine. You can read it at:

  188. HOW DID U GET SUCH AMAZING GRAPHICS?? Otherwise the May Issue took me a billion years to read. Otherwise, I LOVE IT!!

  189. Natasha Says:

    Heyy! I absolutely love your issue of Style! I was wondering where on earth did you get those graphics!?

    Ciao Ciao!

  190. Ellie Says:

    I agree. The graphics are awesome! But the text.. it is so long that it gets boring! You could also use colours like Eternity magazine does.

    Ok, Style magazine has better graphics.
    Eternity magazine has better text. When I read eternity I don’t get bored..

  191. millymou Says:

    nice pics. bit boring. yeah, great.

  192. gab Says:

    hey, where did u gett those pics???? they are awesome!

  193. chloe Says:

    I loved it! best mag ever! xxxx

  194. lolo299 Says:

    On the next issue you are going to work on, you should put in hifof from stardoll. Shes one of the best creative people, I have ever seen. You should too. So think about putting her in there. her username is hifof.

  195. Why is everying focused on the Elites? Its rude and most of the population on Stardoll believes this magazine is such a bore.

  196. GossipGirl Says:

    Yet another Style repeat: Modelcious was Styles October ’07 covergirl. Again, get some new girls!

  197. ADORE(: Says:

    You are really good (:
    Just started reading it, now i’m addicted.

  198. Sally-x Says:


  199. innerbeautymagceo Says:

    I reread this magazine often. It inspires me.

  200. kizzycute Says:

    OMG!stardoll is so fun!

  201. coooooooooooooool1!!!!i luv it
    and the cover is nice!!! =^.^=

  202. NA Says:

    The problem with STYLE is that you do not know what fabrics go with what, what styles go with what, and what is appropriate for the outfit. Either you get the outfit spot-on, or you completely ruin it.

  203. Hi, your magazine is just amazing! I would be very grateful if you could tell me, what kind of programme have you used? isn’t is a Photoshop? Waiting your answer, Aggy aka berberry_girl.

  204. ebonymeme Says:

    i agree that the articles are long and boring but i think the graphics are good enough that we can still say that this magazine is amazing! after a while i found myself skimming through and just looking at the graphics but i think its good πŸ™‚

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